Friday, September 16, 2005

Authoritarian States Want Greater UN Role In GWOT

The Enemy Press AP reports that the Russians and Chinese governments called "for the United Nations to take the lead in the global fight against terrorism...." Hmm, it doesn't appear that that would really work, "house divided" and all that.
"'There is a need to adjust this organization to the new historical reality,' Russian President Vladimir Putin said." Like the reality of the Oil for Palaces program? Putin continued, saying 'Who else will take the role of coordinating and organizing this work but the United Nations?'" Who else? Why not the Coalition of the Willing? They are already leading the fight against terror groups and their activities.
He was echoed by Chinese President Hu Jintao, who called for a new global security concept that puts the United Nations at "the core" of efforts to fight terrorism and settle disputes and conflicts. A new global concept? Let's see, that means that with the UN in charge, this wouldn't happen, or this,or this? Unfortunately for the people involved in these incidents, the UN was cowardly, unable to do anything, and also actively engaged in criminal acts themselves.
Laughably during this UN lovefest, "...a U.N. treaty to fight global corruption got its 30th ratification, triggering its entry into force in 90 days. The convention empowers countries to prosecute officials accused of stealing public funds." Whose officials and whose public funds? Just certain countries or any country? If that's the case, then the secretary-general could find himself in the dock in a New York Minute. Or is this going to be like the International Criminal Court, an anti-American and anti-Western Star Chamber? Bet on the latter, if this turns out as most undertakings of the UN do.
Meanwhile, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez wants the UN headquarters moved to Jerusalem. Sounds like a good idea. Let's move all these corrupt and petty hoodlums out of America. Too bad that Jerusalem is the target location. Because Chavez is corrupt thug who reportedly gave Al Qaida one million dollars after 911, his choice of Jerusalem as the new UN HQ is only to curry favor with radical Islamists. Also, with the UN located there, it would be harder for Israel to claim it as their capital.
"A near constant refrain was that the United Nations should play a larger role in world affairs." Gee, they want to make things worse everywhere? They feel the need to stick their noses into everything, and the result is hardly ever good.
More blather from the participants: the president of the Philippines, Gloria Arroyo wants to see the "United Nations take the lead in easing the effects of high oil prices. She said it should study oil rationing and conservation, as well as consider initiatives to fuel engines with coconut oil and convert cane sugar to ethanol." What? How can they do anything about oil prices? Ah, but she said the magic words "rationing" and "conservation." What authority do they have to ration a product that they do not produce or control? As usual, none. Do they really think they have any way to enforce this? Maybe their vaunted "moral authority" will do it? Not likely. It takes guns, lots of guns, and the willingness to use them. As long as private ownership of arms exists the UN will never be able to control anyone. As to conservation, how will this be achieved through this organization? Can they offer tax breaks? No. Can they pass laws to increase fuel efficiency? No. Can they subsidize a coconut oil vehicle? No, of course not. Foolish words meant to make themselves look good to the world, although the world knows there's a lack of ability behind these words.
We can't leave the self congratulatory party without some screeching of freedom haters. "Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, accused of widespread human rights abuses in his country, also criticized the Americans for the war in Iraq. 'Saddam Hussein was abandoned to the winners' mercy, like in barbarian times,' Lukashenko said. 'There is nobody to defend their rights except the U.N.'" Nobody to defend their rights? Who is this man talking about? Saddam Hussein? He's certainly not talking about the people who Saddam violated in this manner.
Yes, all we see is the same old, "give us power and all will be well" line we've heard for the last sixty years. The UN has done precious little good since protecting Korea and will continue to do nothing good as long as it remains a nest of vipers who demean and oppress their own countries. Plundering the riches and stifling the human spirit of those people unfortunate enough to live in those unlucky lands.
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