Thursday, September 08, 2005

Authoritarian Wins Rigged Election-Where's Jimmeh?

Fox News reports that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was reelected with approximately 80 percent of the vote. It was apparently touch and go there for a few seconds after the polls opened, but Mubarak easily garnered enough votes to remain in office. Many people believed that the government used coercion to get people to vote to re-elect the president.
"'After the grave violations that ... influenced the integrity of the election process ... we demanded out of concern national interest that elections be repeated,' Nagui al-Ghatrifi, deputy head of Nour's al-Ghad Party, told reporters." Al-Ghad loosely translated from Arabic as Gore-Lieberman or Kerry-Edwards. Also, "Most major opposition parties boycotted the vote, saying he (Mubarak) held an unfair advantage in the polls because of his government's domination of politics." Amazingly the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights "said ruling party officials were allowed into some polling stations in Alexandria and forced voters to choose Mubarak."
There's a litany of complaints against the government in this election. Let's see, grave violations of intimidation by the government, boycotts by major opposition parties, and forcing voters to vote the "right" way...sounds like a perfect opportunity for Jimmy Carter to give a resounding thumbs up to this election. Hosni, you're golden baby!