Sunday, September 18, 2005

Communist Chavez Cracks Up, Accuses US Of Planning Invasion

Fox News reported that the Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez said that "he has documentary evidence that the United States plans to invade his country."
This information came out during an interview with Enemy Press Network ABC under the Nightline label. Let's listen in shall we?
The lede on the transcript states, "In his first American broadcast interview since the Rev. Pat Robertson called for his assassination last month...." Oooh, no bias there is there? What, has this man ever been interviewed on an American broadcast? I guess ABC figured it was important to remind you that a noted Christian Leader made remarks against him. Anyway...
First thing Enemy Press Reporter Ted Koppel tries to do is allow Chavez to humanize himself.
Enemy Press Reporter: "Tell me a little bit about your youth, when you were a young man."
Dictator: "I was a farm kid from the plains of South Venezuela, from a very poor family. I grew up in a palm tree house with an earthen floor." Good ol Honest Hugo, the railsplitter. "Later, I was a young athlete. I was telling this friend here from San Francisco so that one of my greatest dreams was to be a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants. I played a lot of baseball. It was a passion of mine." No, wait, he's Castro.... He later talks about a grandfather who was a murderer, but then says he decides he wasn't a murderer but a revolutionary, "He was one of the last men on horseback." What is it about leftists and their love of "the man on horseback?" Oh, wait, the man on horseback usually becomes a dictator.
Enemy Press Reporter: "You're a man who loves language. You're a man of many words. I'm going to put you to a test now." I doubt it, but give it a try. "Give me three words that describe you."
Dictator: "A soldier-esque man. I would add the word 'patriot.' I would add the word 'revolutionary.'" Right, same qualities all leftist thugs give themselves. He then describes himself as Christ-like and that all people are equal and blah, blah, blah. As the Enemy Press reporter continues...
Enemy Press Reporter: "I appreciate what you say and I think I understand that you don't feel that same way; you don't have that same love for the government of the United States." Just what do you appreciate about what the dictator said? You believe him and his lies? You do of course, because you're a member of the Enemy Press. Well remind yourself that the people are the government here. You cannot say you love the American People but hate the American Government.
Dictator: "We have been subjected, Venezuela has been subjected to permanent aggression against us and against me personally." Really, when and where? Examples please, not just accusations. "There has been no respect for the sovereignty of Venezuelans, for the chief of state (inaudible) Venezuela." No, we pretty much have no respect for dictators anymore. "On the other hand, I remind you that last night I gathered here with some Democrats and Republicans. Tomorrow, I'm going to be with some others." That's interesting, who are these people you've been meeting with? Well, he names no politician's names, but brings up his old friend Jesse Jackson and also talks about meeting with Danny Glover. There's two names right there that should set off alarm bells for those who don't support sucking up to dictators. "And I said to them, and I say to everyone, that it was different with Clinton." Of course it was. That was a different time. Clinton was probably just chasing skirt there, and not taking care of business.
Listen to this bit: "Now, this administration has truly broken with all protocols of democracy and respect for people." Sorry bub, we don't respect thug governments anymore, get used to it. "The coup d'etat against Venezuela was manufactured in Washington. My death was ordered. And it was ordered recently." Oh, yeah, then why did the government not support the coup? Explain that. You can't, because you are lying. "Reverend Pat Robertson, who is very close to the president, asked for me to be physically eliminated, for me to be killed." Right, he said that foolishness, however, it hardly is the policy of the government to kill anyone anymore. And Pat Robertson doesn't have any effect on US policy. Then he blathers on about being Christ-like again and wanting to be friendly to the people of America, but not the government. Been there, told you before, we are the government.
So now, the Enemy Press Reporter wants to join in on the Bush bashing. Here's what he said:
Enemy Press Reporter: "I'm going to perhaps shock you a little, but these are your words. You called President Bush an asshole." Yeah, just reportin' the facts ma'am. You see, there wasn't any need to even say anything about this except for the fact that this man is the enemy, he is compelled by hatred to try to denigrate the president at all opportunities. Yes, Ted Koppel, I'm saying you are the enemy.
More blather follows, not worth reading except for the clue to his delusions and hatreds. Now we come to the fun part.
Dictator: "Now, there's the matter of oil. Look, let me clarify. And I would like to clarify this for the people of the United States.... The only time that I have said where Venezuela would not supply oil to the United States, it was no threat. It's rather to respond to a threat, the threat of invasion. We have obtained evidence of something which would be absolutely foolhardy, the invasion of Venezuela. That's where we said that under those circumstances."
Enemy Press Reporter: "Are you saying you have discovered evidence of an invasion plan against Venezuela or are you saying 'if' you discovered a plan?"
Dictator: "I'm telling you that I have evidence that there are plans to invade Venezuela. Furthermore, we have documentation...The plan is called Balboa, where Venezuela is indicated as an objective." It is well known that the Pentagon plans for war with everyone. They said so themselves. Just because there's a plan doesn't mean that it is going to happen.
Enemy Press Reporter: "If I may, Mr. President, you say you have documentation of this plan. Can I ask you now, on camera, will you make that documentation available to me?" He thought, Hee hee, I'm gonna scoop Dan this time!
Dictator: "I can send it to you." All you have to do is go to the Kinko's in Plano Texas and....
Here's a shocka:
Enemy Press Reporter: "Can you understand why people think that you are unfriendly toward the government of the United States? Among your closest friends: Cuba, Syria, Iran, Libya. These are all countries that the United States regards as unfriendly, if not terrorist countries themselves." Ooops, musta picked up the wrong script. Kinda off point there.
Dictator: "Well, Cuba is much more than a friend. The people of Cuba and its leader, Fidel Castro, are much more than friends." Please, don't ask, don't tell! "The only country, the only administration with whom we don't have good relations on the face of the earth is the administration of Mr. Bush. That's the only example (inaudible). We are friends of the king of Spain. As we say in Venezuela, he is a good guy. The king of Malaysia (inaudible). The emir of Qatar is my brother. I have friends throughout the entire world, kings, princes, presidents, prime ministers. Only with Washington is where the relationship doesn't work." Maybe because most of your "friends" are evildoers themselves?
And it ends with the Dictator making flowery announcements: "...we offer the United States every guarantee for oil supply for 150 (ph) years more, when both of us will be pushing up daisies."
Enemy Press Reporter: "Mr. President, on that happy note, let me thank you." Yeah, that would be a happy note!
So we've just seen the rantings of a thug dictator and his enabler, the Enemy Press Network ABC. Nothing new here. Just accusations without proof, baseless insinuations and lies we've heard parroted by the leftist America Haters since President Bush was elected to office. Too bad the people of Venezuela are saddled with this lunatic. Maybe he won't damage the country too badly before his misrule ends. Hopefully soon.
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