Friday, September 02, 2005

Conversation With A Friend

A friend and I were discussing the recent happenings in NOLA. It turns out that my friend's husband was a police officer in Hong Kong. He has guns, lots of them. She's afraid of them. I told her a bit about what was going on in New Orleans, she's been watching on the news and we got to talking about martial law.

With the open looting and the attacks on places such as the children's hospitals by gangs of roving thugs, I thought she might now be amenable to learning to shoot. I told her about who I believed should be shot in a disaster area, and who shouldn't be. I don't know if I changed her mind, but that's really her husband's job.

It's a safety issue. She thinks guns are dangerous. I told her she should spend time shooting with her husband and learn more about them. Maybe it worked, maybe not.


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Additionally, there have been a lot of rapes there, too.
Not reported on much though.

An excellent reason for a woman to own a gun if there ever was one.

Plankton, Evil Genius said...

I've thought about getting a gun. My brother has a ton of them. As soon as he teaches my boys how to handle one (me and hubby, too, for that matter) maybe I will look into it. One of my first blog posts was about my brother and his hunting skills.