Monday, September 12, 2005

Dems Cry And Moan And Blame Bush

Senator Landrieu of Louisiana shriekingly attacked President Bush with charges that he blamed "state and local officials for the initial sluggish rescue effort," according to Fox News.

Typical response from those who have no plans of their own. Sorry to disabuse you of your stupidity Sen Landrieu, but the local and state officials are the first responders in any emergency. The Federal system makes local authority primary in dealing with their areas. Or would you like President Bush to have supreme power over the states? Well, the America Hating Left already accuses him of being a dictator, maybe he should become one. Unfortunately for people like you, dictators have a habit of making their critics disappear. Are you still breathing? Well, I guess that scotches that meme.
Her hate filled reaction was based "in part on comments by the Homeland Security chief, Michael Chertoff, and by administration allies on Capitol Hill, who cited the responsibility of state and local officials in planning for and responding to disasters. She also cited several news stories about a White House campaign to deflect criticism." So, she screamed because local authorities didn't do their job and it was pointed out that they did little or nothing? Yup, sounds like a Democrat. Of course, the local authorities are Dems, so she couldn't blame them. Her other point is laughable. The Enemy Press constantly tries to denigrate the president so of course there will be statements putting out the administration's views. Because the press is hostile, any statement refuting the accepted anti-Bush storyline is seen by the haters as trying to deflect criticism.
Into this hissy fit by Sen Landrieu steps Sen Obama from Illinois. He strew these pearls of wisdom "'Whoever was in charge of planning was so detached from the realities of inner city life in New Orleans ... that they couldn't conceive of the notion that they couldn't load up their SUV's, put $100 worth of gas in there, put (sic) some sparkling water and drive off to a hotel and check in with a credit card,' Obama said." Oh, Sen Obama, these "whoever" were local and state Democrats! Not President Bush. You're talking off point, didn't you get the memo?
Yes, this doesn't stop yet. The rather buffoonish Representative from the weird part of California, Nancy Pelosi, wants a commission to probe for contractor scams. "'Already we have seen despicable stories of those trying to profit off desperate Gulf Coast residents,' she said." You mean yourself and other hate filled leftists? Oh... you mean you don't want people to be paid for rebuilding the ravaged area. You're afraid someone might make a buck out of the reconstruction. Well, let's make a and Fat Teddy, and "Sheets" Byrd and Jean Kerry and Feinstein, and Boxer and Hater Harry and the captain of the good ship lollipop Sean Penn all sell everything you've got and donate the proceeds to rebuilding efforts and we'll make sure no one profits from the construction. But, sadly, we know you won't do anything because you are all talk and no action. Just a typical socialist. So that leaves us no option except to hereby award all construction and repair contracts to...Halliburton! A ha ha ha ha!!!