Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Disaster And The Prepared Citizen

Instapundit had an update to a post about preparedness kits. Earlier today I caught a few seconds of a local TV station's broadcast. It was a PSA about readiness kits. By golly I didn't hear one thing about arming yourself. I guess the local Enemy Press just doesn't think you should protect yourself. Rely on the police. Just like they did in New Orleans.
Now I don't have any knowledge of the local personalities or the staff at any newspaper or radio or television station. How many of them are GFWs and how many are armed citizens? I don't know. Of course those of a leftist bent, or really, anyone with an authoritarian complex, might have guns and use them, but they will not allow you to do so. One can be both an armed citizen and a GFW.
It seems most people don't even consider weapons as part of being prepared to ride out a major disaster. Instapundit and his posters never mention having any firearms ready to go. Well, Mrs Du Toit certainly does. Read, bookmark, all the usual....


mauser*girl said...

I'm with you. When Hurricane Isabel hit us in southern VA, we were worried that, if the power went out, people would start looting. Worse yet, because the power was out and we had no AC, we slept with the windows open because of the heat. It would've been easy for anyone to come in, grab some stuff, and haul butt. Which is why we had ammo and guns ready. Just because people act lawless in times of danger does not mean those of us who don't, don't have a right to protect ourselves and our property from them.