Friday, September 09, 2005

French: Zut! Armstrong Has Beaten Us Again!

Pity the poor Frenchies. They tried, how they tried, to denigrate Lance Armstrong with allegations of doping. Unfortunately for them, at this time the UCI-the world cycling governing organization-says there isn't enough proof to confirm these allegations. "'The UCI has not to date received any official information or document' from anti-doping authorities or the laboratory reportedly involved in the testing of urine samples from the 1999 Tour de France, the UCI said."
That doesn't mean that the investigation is over. The UCI "had asked the World Anti-Doping Agency and the French laboratory for more background. Most importantly, it wanted to know who commissioned the research and who agreed to make it public." Yeah, that's the important part. Which crybaby little weasel was it who tried to impugn Lance's honor? Was it a failed cyclist? Maybe a bitter sports writer? Someone with grandiose dreams of French cycling superiority?
Someone has an agenda. We just don't know who it is. However, as seen below, the primary suspects are the French newspaper L'Equipe and its owner the Amaury Group whose subsidiary, Amaury Sport Organization, organizes the Tour de France and other sporting events. They have made a sport of denigrating Lance Armstrong and have spent countless lines of print trying to tarnish his image. They seems to be the culprit. Maybe someone should investigate them?