Friday, September 09, 2005

Guns And Corpses Found In New Orleans

Enemy Press AP headlines a story "Corpses, Guns Found in New Orleans Homes."
Well, I guess they want you to connect the dead bodies with the guns. The evil guns took advantage of the hurricane and all got up to shoot innocent people. I guess they figured that with all the trouble going on that no one would notice the guns took on a life of their own.
"Police and soldiers also seized numerous guns for fear of confrontations with jittery residents who have armed themselves against looters. 'No one will be able to be armed. We are going to take all the weapons,' (Deputy Police Chief Warren) Riley said."
Yup, seizing guns is the first thing on their minds. Can't have people protecting themselves can we?
Not only the police, but National Guard units from other states joined in the confiscation. "On Thursday, in the city's well-to-do Lower Garden District, a neighborhood with many antebellum mansions, members of the Oklahoma National Guard seized weapons from the inhabitants of one home. Those who were armed were handcuffed and briefly detained before being let go. 'Walking up and down these streets, you don't want to think about the stuff that you're going to have to do, if somebody's (sic) pops out around a corner,' said one of the Guardsmen, Chris Montgomery."
Grabbing guns then handcuffing people. Sounds like the nice little police state we have here. Now don't go half-cocked and hurl accusations of being insensitive to the needs of the guardsmen. They are doing things that need to be done, but they are in uniform and obviously helping maintain safety. There has been no evidence that any of the remaining inhabitants think they are the enemy. Few if any of the law abiding citizens will start shooting at the guardsmen. They aren't looting the place, they're wearing army uniforms, not police uniforms.
This is not the first story concerning taking weapons away from those left in the city, but there hasn't been any mention of what the procedure is for taking them. When the guns are seized, do they take down the serial number, make and model of the gun? Do they file the owner's name with this information? What is the process for returning the confiscated guns? Will the guns be returned or will the owners be reimbursed for the cost of the guns? Will the city maintain this information and make a database of guns and their owners? How can citizens be sure that any collected information is destroyed upon receipt of the items from the police? These are very important questions and someone must make sure they are answered. Who will take the job? If anyone does, it's sure to be a blogger. Any volunteers?