Friday, September 09, 2005

Here's Something Interesting

I went with Honey Girl to a car dealership today to get my parents' car out of the shop. We looked around for a few minutes, it was a really large dealership, it had at least fifteen cars on the dealership floor. I noticed something very striking about the stickers. The prices on all of the cars was more than the cost of my parents' first house! And that was when I was in grade school. Less than forty years from cheap housing to expensive cars...I thought we had a lousy economy?


GUYK said...

I keep hearinghow lousy the economy is yet I keep seeing peole buy these Florida homes that start off a 200,000 big ones. I see a lot of new or nearly new vehilles on the road so go figure.

But you are right. In 1977 I bought a three bedroom home on a half acre in Tampa Fl for 15000. The lot alone now would cost 75000 plus. Wish I had of kept it! The truck I am driving now had a sticker price of 29,400 and that was a little over three years ago.

But it is a relative thing. I also remember when I though that if I could just make a 1,000 bucks a month I would have it made. Now that is what a lot of folks make a week.