Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief

The Blog world's getting together to generate donations for hurricane relief.
Here are two organizations that will be providing aid for the residents of Louisiana and Mississippi:
Lutheran World Relief is one of the top rated charities in the country according to the American Institute of Philanthropy.
Lutheran Disaster Response 100% of your designated gift to LDR goes to that specific disaster's relief efforts.
We've given generously to other's around the world, now America needs our help. Let's give some much needed help to our own fellow citizens today.
Thrivent Financial For Lutherans has a matching program for aid donations from members and affiliated groups.

It was Glenn's idea....


Anonymous said...

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is matching donations $1 for every $2 members donate to either of the two charities mentioned. Please go to for a copy of the matching donation form.

ScottG said...

Thanks for the info. I'll update my post.

GearDaddy said...

Not clear from their website that LWR is directing funds to Katrina victims. Might be better to stick with LDR and Thrivent for this one.

Laura said...

If you donate through the website to Lutheran World Relief, it will specifically mark your gift for "Hurricane Relief 2005"

Anonymous said...

Please pass this along to blogosphere and get media attention ! ! !

Fortune 500 corporate jets needed in New Orleans to assist in medical evacuations on volunteer basis. FAA needs to grant waiver for service as air ambulance.

If they show up they will get used.