Friday, September 09, 2005

Katrina Claims Another Victim: FEMA Head And Truth

FEMA Director Michael Brown has been replaced as the on site director of disaster relief in New Orleans. Rumors abounded that this move was in response to the bad press that surrounded the relief effort.
"Asked if he was being made a scapegoat for a federal relief effort that has drawn widespread and sharp criticism, Brown told The (Enemy Press) Associated Press after a long pause: 'By the press, yes. By the president, no.'"
The response to this disaster by all agencies has been less than stellar. But of course the America Haters in Congress and the Enemy Press are trying as hard as they can to blame President Bush.
Here's a little taste of the evil brew the leftist are trying to make America swallow. "'The events of the last ten days have shown that Mr. Brown has repeatedly exercised poor judgment and has failed in his basic responsibilities,' said a letter to Bush from Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and Sens. Dick Durbin, Debbie Stabenow and Charles E. Schumer. 'His continued presence in this critical position endangers the success of the ongoing recovery efforts....'" How? Do they say? No, they say nothing but hate filled rhetoric. Do they really believe that the recovery effort will fail as long as Brown is FEMA's Director? Of course not, this is nothing but a way to demonize the president. These lovelies have no answers of their own, but they can always criticize the actions of others.
Brown has other troubles too. He apparently embellished his record of accomplishments. He should be thoroughly investigated on this. If it is just puffery, then nothing needs be done. If it is a case of lying, then, he should face punishment. However, notice the above mentioned Congressional Heroes said nothing about that. Why? Because it can't be linked to President Bush.
No, sadly, the Democrats no longer have any ideas that Americans want or believe in. They are reduced to shrill, hate filled accusations and partisan snipings. The party is slowly being taken over by extreme leftists and America is more and more repelled by this and votes accordingly. America is beset by enemies on all sides, inside as well as outside. The times call for strong, sensible leadership. The crisis is upon us, we need people of large ideas and boldness to carry them out. People such as the current Senate and House leadership of the Democrats fail miserably at this. They think all is well if we just appease, back down and deny freedom is for every man and woman on this planet. Reid, Boxer, Feinstein, Schumer, Rangel, Kennedy, Kerry, Pelosi all drag down the country because of their hatred for the president and his successes. It's time for these people who claim to love America to step down and leave the governing of this country to those with ideas which will make us stronger and benefit those everywhere who believe in the idea of America.