Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Kofi Annan = Dismal Failure

Professor Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit, penned a column in October 2002 which he references today. "The Next International Human Right" is the title of his column from Fox News. He recalled it today in response to this action in the UN: "Annan has paid his dues" a story from the British "newspaper" The Guardian.
"By the time John Bolton had hacked large parts out of the UN's 60th anniversary draft declaration, and then had to agree to much of it going back in after Condoleezza Rice told him to be nice to US allies, it was no surprise that some observers saw the result as a smack in the face for Kofi Annan. In fact, Annan scored a major triumph, a positive answer to the question he posed at the millennium summit five years ago: 'If humanitarian intervention is indeed an unacceptable assault on sovereignty, how should we respond to a Rwanda, to a Srebrenica - to gross and systematic violations of human rights that affect every precept of our common humanity?'"
What? A major triumph? Are the editors at the "newspaper" delusional? Do they think people have forgotten exactly what was done by the UN and Kofi Annan in Rwanda? The answer is: nothing.
Is that his victory, the statement that nothing is to be done? Kofi Annan = dismal failure. Here's an excerpt from a friendly biography. "During Annan's tenure as head of UN peacekeeping, many problems and tragedies arose, as international crises like Bosnia and Rwanda overwhelmed the UN's capacity and demonstrated the insufficiency of support from major member states. While Annan shared some responsibility, and characteristically apologized for his judgment errors, the main crises resulted not from Secretariat or secretary-general failures, but from the refusal of the major Security Council members to adequately respond and back the UN efforts." See, even his friends can't hide the truth about his actions. Despite the casting of aspersions on the member states, it's clear he had sole responsibility for the area and was a dismal failure. Kofi Annan = dismal failure.
The Guardian (of what? leftist drivel?) seems to think that this little declaration from the UN is upsetting to President Bush. Too bad they don't understand that the president has already passed them on this issue because he has taken action already to remove oppressive thug governments from power. Remember Afghanistan and Iraq? Apparently the Guardian doesn't. Oh, wait, they do, they just think what they praised from the UN is not what the Coalition is doing. They say that the "...spurious - invocation of the principle of humanitarian intervention to justify the invasion of Iraq..." Uh huh, it's OK for the International Organization of Evil, or the UN, to do such things, but those who would really do the job, such as the Coalition, can't, according to their bizarre reasoning.
These criminal enablers at the "newspaper" try to link American beliefs with people such as Hitler and North Korea. Failing of course. They then try to trumpet the ideas from a Canadian (snicker) commission to clearly state what criteria must be met to justify an intervention. Sorry Canucks, the Christians have already promulgated a Just War Theory. You're a bit late. They list the usual blah, blah, blah. Then comes the most laughable statement of all. "The report also invoked 'right authority' - authorisation by the UN." After you've stopped laughing, consider the statement and consider the organization. We've seen inaction and active criminality from the UN. No matter how many times they try to claim any authority, moral or otherwise, those who actively combat evil ignore them and go about the work.
In the end, the Guardian is forced to admit that as of now, nothing will change. "So what will this mean in Darfur? Very little immediately..." Very little indeed. In fact the whole purpose of the modest proposal is to try to rehabilitate the reputation of Kofi Annan. It won't work. As much as they might try to by putting out lies like "Annan, self-indicted as a UN bureaucrat for inaction over Srebrenica and Rwanda, has paid his dues to humanity with this declaration," no one will believe it. He hasn't paid his dues. Not even close. Your lies may satisfy those unwilling to see and those who actively support rogue governments, but it's clear to those who do see and do care about what governments do to their people aren't fooled by your pronouncements of expiated sins. We know that Kofi Annan = dismal failure.
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