Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Pain, Oh, The Pain...

I'm in pain. Really bad pain. Honey Girl was fussing yesterday, so I gave her a bottle of juice and laid her down next to grandma. I was going to pick her up and take her to her crib when a shooting pain disabled me. There I was holding her about two feet off the couch, trembling with pain, unable to move. Arrgghh, I can't put her down and I can't pick her up! I'm betwixt and between. Grandma came to the rescue and I gently handed Honey Girl off and made my way whimpering to the other couch.
I pulled a muscle or something. I did this a few months ago bending over her stroller to straighten her up. It took me five days to lose the pain. This hurts, but not quite as badly as the last time. Maybe the Tylenol will work, or the bottle of The MacAllan dad got from a Scots friend.
So in effect, I'm incapacitated. And tonight's date night. I guess I'd better rest or Sexy Girl won't like it, missing out on a nice day strolling around with Honey Girl at the malls and then dinner. Light posting alert. There are a few short things I'll post this morning, but light otherwise. 'Cause once I lay down, it takes about five minutes to get up.