Sunday, September 18, 2005

Party Is Over For Schroeder, Germany Comes To Senses

The Enemy Press AP reports that exit polls indicate Gerhard Schroeder couldn't convince enough Germans that his anti-American platforms were able to govern the country, resulting in his party losing control of Parliament.
"The vote centered on different visions of Germany's role in the world and how to fix its sputtering economy. Schroeder touted the country's role as a European leader and counterbalance to America, while Merkel pledged to reform the moribund economy and repair ties with Washington."
Too bad for Schroeder, but delusions of grandeur didn't play this time. Perhaps the Germans remembered the last time a Chancellor tried to make their country a counterbalance to America. It didn't turn out well. Recall that the Democrat Party in America used "It's the economy, stupid" as their mantra. Apparently the Deutsche considered the line before lining up at the voting booth.
Merkel wants to improve relations with the US. That sounds like a good idea. First send some workers to Iraq to help the people rebuild their country. German efficiency should be put to good use repairing the infrastructure. Second, dump the French, allying with them will get you nowhere. Third, send more beer.