Sunday, September 18, 2005

PETA Terrorists Strike At Fashion Show

The rag trade in England celebrates "London Fashion Week" two times each year. This year one of the designers apparently angered the local branch of the terror group PETA.
"Two activists from pressure (terror) group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals climbed on stage halfway through the show holding signs that read 'Fur kills,' before security guards led them away." That wasn't all they had up their sleeves however. Later, at the end of the show, "a third protester got onto the runway with a sign describing the designer as 'fur scum.'"
Apparently someone wanted an interview with the terrorists, but, "None of the PETA activists could be found for comment after the show." Hm, I wonder why? Could it be that on their way out they might have run into some "Cockney Barrow Boy Spivs" and had a little "accident?"
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