Monday, September 26, 2005

Poll Numbers About Hurricane Katrina

The Enemy Press AP posted results of a poll about attitudes towards Katrina and its aftermath. From the Salem Oregon StatesmanJournal:
"Demographics and details from the AP-Ipsos poll on Hurricane Katrina and the storm recovery. The results are taken from a poll of 1,000 adults conducted Sept. 16-18 by Ipsos, an international polling firm. The survey has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points, larger for subgroups."
For the question of preparedness, the typical "we need government control" crowd was more likely to think the federal government didn't do a good job to prepare for the storm: "women, 74 percent; non-whites, 83 percent; Northeasterners 77 percent; and Democrats, 86 percent."
Concerning the refugees, most people aren't afraid that crime will increase where refugees have been relocated. It appears that the living conditions in the shelters was the most important idea in the "feel, not think" crowd: "Women more concerned than men about living conditions and cost. Non-whites, 58 percent, were much more concerned about living conditions at shelters than whites, 30 percent."
Now the explosive race issue. The poll by the Enemy Press is skewed towards trying to blame the administration of causing an increase in poor race relations. Surprisingly, it didn't work: "there was no difference between the response of whites and blacks to this question. Democrats, Northeasterners and those who live in cities were most likely to think race relations would be harmed." To be sure, the city dwellers were most likely to think relations would be harmed as they are constantly bombarded by the hate filled words of people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Everything bad that happens in a city harms race relations.
Try as they might by constant bad press for the president, the Enemy Press has apparently not completely succeeded in demonizing Mr Bush. There must be some sane people still out there in America.

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