Sunday, September 04, 2005

Watch Out America, The Evilgelicals Is Comin'

Enemy Press Network NBC will air a special look at evangelical churches with Tom Brokaw. In fact, they'll spend a whole hour on the subject. Surely all possible aspects of these mega-churches will be covered in depth. Nothing will be left out in this complete sixty minute look at what's happening in religion today.
"Brokaw notes that evangelical Christians have become a powerful force in American culture, politics and the economy, and that, propelled by their faith, they're determined to spread the word." Of course as a well known television show said, " Not that there's anything wrong with that."
The story continues to say, "But he also explores why so many Americans are turning to this expression of faith, and whether some evangelicals are going too far: imposing on others their spiritual beliefs not only for personal reasons but also for political reasons." What is the cause of such things? Could it be that many of the so-called mainline denominations are so caught up in other things than their calling to spreading the Gospel? Well, I guess that could be one reason...cough boycott Israel cough...ordain gay clergy...cough. And what is going too far? Like, removing the Ten Commandments from government grounds? Legalizing gay marriage? Passing "hate speech" laws? I must admit, I've never seen any so-called Evangelical out on the street forcing anyone who passes by to say Jesus saves. Never seen any so-called Evangelical take a baby away from parents at the baptismal font and dunk them, because sprinkling isn't good enough. I've been in many polling places and not once have I seen a so-called Evangelical enter a voting booth and make the voter choose Republican. I guess I just don't get around enough.
From reading the article it appears this will be another anti-Evangelical screed. Of course as the story mentions that one of the leaders of the so-called Evangelical movement "...speaks regularly with the White House...." we can assume this is also a swipe against President Bush. Just gotta link the two "haters" together, that's the old media for you. Glorify the debasing of American culture by spotlighting every sexual and political wacko then demonize those who would try to tone down the depravity.


GUYK said...

I have no problems with religions of any kind-provided they stay out of politics. Howevr, when religious groups start preaching politics from the pulpit-right wing or the Jessie Jackson left wing it is time to take away the tax advantages of their buildings and bank accounts. When the far religious right starts to call for political intervention in cases such as the Terri Scivo situation-in fact trying to write new laws and over rule judges-then it is time to reel them in.

Conversely the ACLU has gone to the other extreme and has gone beyond the insane in taking religion to the courts.

I have no use for the far right wing christians and link them as dangerous as the right wing moslems-different in their approach but with the same agenda-control of the public and forced morality according to their personal beliefs.

Freedom of religion also implies freedom from religion-andone thing must beremember by both the ACLU and the far religious right-In God We Trust- but that doesn't say in JESUS we trust nor in ALLAH nor YAHWAH nor BHUDDA-it is a generic term that fits all, except for of course agnostics such as I. But It doesn't bother me because as an agnostic I am saying I don't know-and nobody can prove it one way or another. What evr floats ones boat-provided they don't float it over me.