Friday, October 14, 2005

"India Official: U.S. Must Make Better Cuts"...Of What? Beef?

No not really. The Enemy Press AP reports that India and other countries want western countries to cut farmer subsidies as they say it depresses their domestic production and ruins their farmers. "'India cannot open its markets so that the Indian farmer who earns a dollar a day now earns 50 cents a day or nothing,' said Kamal Nath, India's trade minister. 'We cannot have the Indian farmer competing against the U.S. government, rather than the U.S. farmer.'" Boy, does he have it wrong. The US government pays farmers not to produce, although it does offer price supports to certain industries. If you really competed against the American farmer, India and other countries would be swamped with American food.
"In developing countries, Nath said, high tariffs offer protection for domestic producers against what he called unfair competition from the EU, United States and other heavy subsidizers. It is unrealistic for the United States to expect poor countries to dramatically reduce tariffs in exchange for "no real cuts" in U.S. subsidies to its farmers, he added." So, in other words, they want to protect their producers and harm ours, but if we protect ours it's unfair. Our production and food prices only seem unfair because we have passed the subsistence barrier. America and other Western countries industrialized and improved agriculture allowing excess production. Developing countries need to do the same. Perhaps by reforming society from caste systems and other barriers which force people to use human power to produce, these countries could increase their own production to create desirable food for export. People always want to eat, and will eat as much as they can get, the food just needs to be available at a low price.
At the end of the day all these proposals come down to is "America, cut your help to your farmers, but we'll keep doing it for ours."
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