Monday, October 17, 2005

Once Again Enemy Press Finds Way To Blame Troops

The Enemy Press AP reported on a US aerial strike against terrorist forces and highlighted the deaths of bystanders. As a way to attack the troops, it's emphasized that over half of the reported number killed were "civilians."
The AP links this story with their obvious discomfort that the Iraqis have "apparently passed" the draft constitution. Prior days coverage lead with a headline "Sunnis Appear To Fall Short In Iraq Vote."
Of course, that's the whole rationale of the election isn't it? Pacify the angry minority who were oppressing the majority of the population. It isn't about the freedom of Iraq for the Enemy Press, it's about denigrating the freedom Iraq now has, because President Bush did it with Britain and Australia and other freedom loving countries, instead of international thug governments and those who profited by Saddam remaining in power. (see France, Germany)
"On referendum day, a roadside bomb killed five U.S. soldiers in a vehicle in the Al-Bu Ubaid village on the eastern outskirts of Ramadi. On Sunday, a group of about two dozen Iraqis gathered around the wreckage; they were hit by U.S. airstrikes, the military and witnesses said." The AP indicates two sources for this tidbit, but doesn't indicate who said what, so we are to assume both sources agreed with this statement. However, the next paragraph says, "The military said in a statement that the crowd was setting another roadside bomb when F-15 warplanes hit them, killing around 20 people, described by the military as 'terrorists.'" So what happened? It is quite possible that the crowd gathered to examine the wreckage, however, the could still be active participants in the terrorist activity plaguing Iraq. It's also likely that the incident happened exactly as the military said. With the Enemy Press, it's more likely that the military version is the truth, and it has to be opposed by a competing "truth" put forth by the enemy.
Another incident with "civilian" casualties happened the same day. "The other deaths occurred in the nearby village of Al-Bu Faraj. The military said a group of gunmen opened fire on a Cobra attack helicopter that had spotted their position. The Cobra returned fire, killing around 10. The men ran into a nearby house, where gunmen were seen unloading weapons when an F/A-18 warplane struck the building with a bomb, killing 40 insurgents, the military said." Clear after action report with details. The opposite side said, "Witnesses said at least 14 of the dead were civilians. First, one man was wounded in an airstrike, and when he was brought into a nearby building, warplanes struck it, said the witnesses, who refused to give their names overs (sic) concerns about their safety." Right, same supposed incident. Civilians just happen to be in the area of a terrorist attack and just happen to go into the same building as the terrorists. And why won't they give their names? Fears of reprisal? Not likely, it seems more likely that other Iraqis could identify these anonymous witnesses as terrorist leaders or sympathizers. Just to be on the safe side, this little bit of information was added to the story. "An Associated Press stringer later saw the 14 bodies and the damaged building. He said residents, many of them crying, removed the bodies and buried them, some in wooden coffins, others simply wrapped in white cloth. One of the bodies was that of a boy who appeared to be between the ages of 10 and 15, the stringer said." An anonymous "stringer" corroborated the anti-military side. Is this the same type of stringers who magically happen to be at the site where car bombs and other attacks took place earlier in the "insurgency" campaign? Are they afraid to name the stringer because the name would be linked to terrorist supporting Al Jazeera? Looking at the track record of the AP, that's probably why the stringer wasn't named.
Another day at the office for the Enemy Press, denigrate the troops, deny the truth, and destroy hope in Iraq.
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