Monday, November 28, 2005

Cute Beatle Refuses To Play In Totalitarian State

The UK Telegraph reports that Sir Paul McCartney, the former Beatle, recently stated that he would refuse to play a concert in Communist China. Unfortunately for those who would applaud this act of rejecting a totalitarian state, McCartney only refused to go to China "after watching a secret video of dogs and cats being killed for fur."

That's right.



No matter about the fifty plus years of political control by a group of murderous thugs. Forget about the contrived famines having starved the Chinese people. Don't think about the vicious repression and torture in "re-education" camps. Ignore the systematic murder of second children, only one's good enough for them. Put out of your mind the harassment of Christians. Don't mention the spies on every block. What's really important is the use of fur.

That's right.



Sir Paul said, "'This is just disgusting. It's just against every rule of humanity. I couldn't go there. If they want to consider themselves a civilised nation they're going to have to stop this.'"

That's right.



Hey Paul: They're not civilized, they're murderous thugs. That's what amoral people do. By the way, did you know they eat meat too?

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Former Iraq PM Claims Saddam Atrocities Still Going On

The Enemy Press Network CNN is reporting that former Iraq Prime Minister and Baathist Ayed Allawi is claiming that all the same old stuff is going on in Iraq, just under new management. He must have found Ted Kennedy's speech and recycled it. "'People are doing the same as (in) Saddam's time and worse,' Allawi said in an interview published in Britain on Sunday." Really? Have the plastic shredders been reintroduced? Have beautiful women been abducted and raped? Have villages been wiped out with gas and bulldozed? Apparently not. Although "the remarks also follow the discovery of an Iraqi government facility holding 170 prisoners, including some showing signs of torture." It turns out that only seven people were seen with possible wounds from torture. Hardly enough people for a decent mass grave.

The story also includes this little bit of information: "Allawi, a secular Shiite and former Baathist, is standing in parliamentary elections scheduled for December 15. He failed to win January's election, which brought current Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari, an Islamist Shiite, to power." Disgruntled politician? Perhaps. He has apparently learned the techniques of loser crying from the Democrats. However, charges like this are serious, but it seems again that the Enemy Press is a day late and a New Iraqi Dinar short as the allegations are already being investigated. The interior minister said an investigation was under way into the torture allegations and that he has discussed the allegations with Gen. George Casey, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, AP reported.

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Democrats Misunderstand Government, Or Wanting The Whip Hand?

Traditionally the President gives a holiday address and this week was no exception. President Bush's weekly radio address was wholly focused on Thanksgiving and America. He thanked the troops for their sacrifice. "They are America's finest, and we thank them today and every day for their service and sacrifice." He also included their families. "This week we also extend our gratitude to our military families, who are making great sacrifices to advance freedom's cause. Many of our servicemen and women have endured long deployments and separations from home." He reminded us of our blessings and he urged us to share them with others. A good, strong, faith inspired message this holiday weekend.

Each party also responds to the other's radio address. This Thanksgiving weekend the task was given to Washington state governor Christine Gregoire. After an initial short acknowledgement of thanksgiving to the troops, which by its brevity appears to have been a distasteful thing for her, the Democrat response to Thanksgiving was all politics.

She begins her screed with talk of high energy prices, which have already been coming down by the way, with a reference to New Mexico's governor Richardson, the baseball pro...well, not really. She notes that Governor Richardson has called a special session of the legislature that approved and implemented a rebate scheme. But of course, a permanent tax relief bill wasn't on the agenda. Apparently Democrats don't like to give tax relief. Also it was noted that, "Pennsylvania Governor Rendell announced an agreement to build the nation’s first waste-coal-to-diesel plant – a project that will reduce energy bills for Pennsylvania’s residents and reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil." Well, why is this happening now? Why not increase oil exploration here and drill in ANWR? Democrats and their extremist "environmentalist" allies have scotched plan after plan to create more energy producing plants for years. How many power generating stations have been built in the last ten to twenty years? None? Thanks Governor Rendell, for nothing that is.

Gregoire then launches into a laundry list of things the President and Congress does that she doesn't like. She seems to think that everything bad is because of what President Bush does. Apparently the Democrats believe that Americans want free health care, which isn't free because taxes go up, that Americans want free education, which isn't free because taxes go up, that Americans want the government to create jobs for them, which can't happen because to create jobs from nothing, taxes go up.

Unfortunately for poor Governor Gregoire, not one of those things is anywhere in the Constitution. But since when have Democrats wanted the Constitution? It's bizarre, but apparently now standard operating procedure for the America hating leadership of the Democrat party to insist on false rights and try to destroy real rights Americans have as human beings. It seems that although they talk of the President and Republicans in Congress being out of touch with America, the election results continue to show the people reject the ideas of the Democrats. All their talk leads to one inescapable conclusion, the idea of government the Democrats are most comfortable with and really desire is one that treats every person in America like this.

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Monday, November 21, 2005

America Under Assault By Foreign Troops?

Check out this post on Blogonomicon.

Disturbing if it was Mexican troops, even more so if it was a group of masquerading drug runners. Perhaps the government will now do something about border controls. Does anyone think that if we have no response that whoever did it won't try it again? We must not allow any foreign forces to enter our country with impunity. President Bush must demand immediate information from President Fox about the invaders. Congress must investigate and immediately increase border security. We cannot allow invasion by either foreign troops or foreign criminals to go unpunished. Write your Representatives and Senators and demand action.

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Buy Music CDs, Fund Islamism?

Old news no doubt, but apparently TAFKA Cat Stevens recently released a new album. A commercial for it appeared on the Biography Channel. Of course Stevens doesn't use that name anymore unless he wants to make a buck.

A glowing article about him from earlier this year appeared in the Enemy Press Guardian "Newspaper" in the UK. The paper is so hostile to freedom that they start out their "story" by denigrating the government here for not allowing Stevens entry into America. As if we are not allowed to decide who and who may not enter.

Stevens' official site is down as of this publication, however, there is another website maintained by a fan that covers the release of this new song on a reissue of his gold records. The site has a copy of his rationale for leaving the music business. Although Stevens declared himself to be Muslim, he seems to have no qualms about living off the proceeds of his former life. "He lives off of investments from the wealth he had earned up to the point when he left the music business and does not use the royalties for himself directly." Is that Islamic? If he believes that his music was immoral, isn't it immoral to live off the money they generated? Many Muslims say that charging interest is not permitted, it appears that earning interest from non-Muslims is permitted.

If you decide to buy this CD, how can you be sure you're not funding Islamism? Well, according to the Guardian "Newspaper," Stevens recently won a settlement from some British newspapers who said he supported terrorism. Unfortunately there is a facet of Islam that approves and indeed encourages Muslims to lie to non-Muslims if it will help the false hope of Islam. Therefore, although it appears clear that Stevens doesn't support terrorism as such, there is no way to be sure that any money given to anyone connected with Islam won't be used against those who don't subscribe to their religion. Best thing then is to not buy this CD.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

National Ammo Day

Don't forget, buy at least 100 rounds of your favorite cartridge today!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Carnival of Cordite!

The latest installment of Carnival of Cordite is up at Resistance is Futile!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Democrat Rep Calls For Surrender In Iraq

From Yahoo News. The Enemy Press AP reports that an unknown influential Democrat congressman by the name of John Murtha called for the immediate removal of American troops from Iraq leading to surrender to the terrorists.

"'It is time for a change in direction,' said Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., one of Congress' most hawkish Democrats. 'Our military is suffering, the future of our country is at risk. We cannot continue on the present course. It is evident that continued military action in Iraq is not in the best interests of the United States of America, the Iraqi people or the Persian Gulf region.'"

America, these sound like the words of a traitor, a backstabber, a supporter of the murderous thugs in Iraq. "Change of direction" he wants? A change from coming victory to defeat?! "Our military is suffering?" From what? Weariness in defeating an enemy who wants to destroy our way of life? Are they tired of helping the Iraqis form a democratic state? Well, one thing is sure: they are tired of people like this cancer in Congress and the Enemy Press lying about the actions in Iraq. "The future of the country is at risk?" Yes! And it started on September 11, 2001. Our future is only assured by fighting back. Cowards who demand immediate surrender are worse than Benedict Arnold. At least he sold out for a position in the British army. What was this man's price? A few hundred thousand barrels of oil? "We cannot continue on the present course?" What?! The course of victory must be abandoned? Must we leave the Iraqis to the murder lust of those who hate freedom? What vile vermin would want that? Who hates freedom so much that they would leave those who need America's help to struggle against those determined to destroy them? No one who loves freedom would be so dishonorable, so faithless, and so cruel. "Continued military action is not in the best interests of the United States of America, the Iraqi people or the Persian Gulf region?" Foul lies, meant only to harm our actions and our President. Military action isn't the first course of action desired, but this was the only course that could result in the freedom of Iraq. Cessation of military activity would only increase the danger to Iraq. Only a fool or someone who hates liberty could believe that an immediate pullout would stop all aggression. No. These calls are for one reason and one reason only. To damage the reputation of the President and to harm his administration.

Extremists in the Democrat party have effectively sided with the terrorists by the calls for withdrawal. We must stay the course until the job is completely done. Our honor demands it. Those who hope to relieve "glory days" or some drug addled reverie by forcing our troops out of a war zone are endangering all of us. They must be opposed with all our strength.

This blog calls for the immediate resignation of Rep Murtha and the entire Democrat leadership of the House and Senate, or they must be expelled. This blog also calls for the Republican leadership in the Senate to stand down and let others more willing to stand up for Iraq guide the party in time of war. We have no choice. The choice was made for us on September 11. Our only option is to fight those who would destroy us. We must fight them wherever they are, and at this time they are in Iraq.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

UN, EU Internet Power Grab Fails, US To Remain In Control

The Enemy Press CNN reports a "deal" was reached prior to the UN's World Summit on the Information Society that kept control of the internet's root servers in the hands of ICANN. Previously the EU crowed that they would take control of the internet by fiat, that they would force the US to capitulate.

Yesterday they had to eat crow as the US refused to back down. Enemy Press Network CNN tried to put a brave face on the failure to wrest control from the bastion of freedom by the stifling bureaucracy of the EU. "Negotiators from more than 100 countries agreed late Tuesday to leave the United States in charge of the Internet's addressing system, averting a U.S.-EU showdown at this week's U.N. technology summit." Heh, "agreed." No, what happened was the EU and UN got fobbed off with a toothless forum which can only "address concerns. The forum, however, would have no binding authority." That's right, the totalitarians got zip, zilch, nada. According to Assistant Secretary of Commerce Michael Gallagher, "'The Internet lives to innovate for another day,' he told The (Enemy Press) Associated Press."

Yes, as long as the US controls the internet it will live and continue to grow and even perhaps transform into something else. What matters is that stifling the internet with controls from totalitarians of all stripes will produce nothing good. The Good Guys won this round.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Enemy Press Tells Lies Again

Read the predictable response from the Enemy Press regarding President Bush's "attack" on the terrorist supporters in America.

This editorial appeared in Tuesday's Louisville Courier-Journal.

This was my letter sent in response. I had to keep to a two hundred word limit to better my chances of publication, otherwise a long fisking would have been sent their way.

"Why don't you just come out and declare yourselves in league with the enemy? Your "Tired Refrain" editorial aptly describes you. Blah, blah, blah, same old leftist lies. The intelligence given by President Bush was the same, you just don't like it because it's true. How many times do we have to tell you, President Bush never said Iraq was an "imminent threat?" Check the tapes, or is that beyond your capability? You and your ilk in the Enemy Press seem to think you're above fact checking. Check the fact that so-called mainstream newspapers are dying. Papers lie, circulation dies.

As for your sneering at the specific figures given for weapons, these came from known stockpiles that Saddam was required to show he destroyed. He did not, therefore the only conclusion was he still had them. You're doing the misleading.

As for the lie that there's no international support, please note that over thirty nations participated in the freeing of Iraq. Just not those who it turns out had financial reasons to oppose the liberation. Google "Axis of Weasels."

No, the tired lies come from you, not the President. He has nothing to explain, or apologize for, you do."

Think they'll publish it?

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Dunn's Bullet Serialization Scheme Fails This Year

Remember Dangerous Joe Dunn the California Senator who believes that serializing all bullets will solve gun crime?

Well, apparently his backdoor registration plan didn't get to a floor vote in this year's legislative session, according to the NRA.

Unfortunately, the California legislature doesn't kill a bill just because the session ends. This bill appears to be available for another vote and possible passage in 2006.

Californians who value freedom and their rights must continue to pressure their state legislators to kill this gun control scheme. Senator Dunn has higher ambitions and it would be a blow for the Second Amendment and indeed all liberty if he was able to succeed and go on to higher office where his plans would benefit no one, except those who hate freedom.

Uh Oh, I'm In Trouble Now...

Imagine my surprise when I checked my sitemeter log and found that this organization linked to my post concerning Senator Graham's habeas corpus denial for terrorists.

I guess they have their eye on me now. Will I be blitzed with anti-American and anti-Bush screeds? I don't know, but if terrorist lovers try to come here and drop their flaming bags, I'll have to activate supersecret plan 18B to combat their evil designs....

BRING...IT...ON...(saluting, reporting for duty)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Enemy Press Will Try To Have It Both Ways: Jordanian Bomber Was In US Custody, Released

The Enemy Press AP in the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that American forces had detained someone with the same name as the recent homicide bomber in Jordan.

There is no proof that it was the same person, however it is likely that it was the same person as he apparently came from the same area. "'He was detained locally at the division detention facility' but was released two weeks later because there was no 'compelling evidence to continue to hold him' as a 'threat to the security of Iraq.'"

OK Enemy Press, that leaves this question. Considering that you and your America hating allies constantly call for the release of those in US and Allied custody, what was the correct course of action here? Should this person have been released and the bombing carried out as it was? If so, then your shrill attacks on the US military for detaining people for no reason are shown to be lies. He was determined to be no threat and he was let go. He wasn't subject to torture nor was he placed into a prison never again to see freedom. All your lies about the imprisonment of the murderous thugs are shown for what they are. Should he have been kept in custody? If so, then you are admitting that we don't know for sure who's a threat and who's not, but we can't let possible murderers go free to carry out attacks, as he did.

No, sadly, the Enemy Press will not answer either question as they will change there stance based on what will serve their America and Bush hating agenda. The truth of the matter is they don't care and never have cared about the freedom the Iraqis and Afghans now have. In fact they are hostile to it and real freedom everywhere.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Aiming Shotguns

Everyone has heard that shotguns are the original point and shoot interface. Well, according to Civilian Gun Defense Blog, that ain't necessarily so.

From a story out of Gilmer Texas, it appears that an attempted home invasion was thwarted by one of the residents. "According to police reports, two cousins, an 18-year-old and a man in his early 20s, had purchased and were restoring a house in the 500 block of Clark Street. They began having trouble with a neighbor, Sidney Carroll Pickett, 52, of 513 Clark Street. 'They said he had been 'acting crazy.' He had been 'acting crazy' for some time,' Warren said. On Monday, the 18-year-old was at his house alone and decided to take a nap prior to resuming work, Warren said. 'While he was lying down, he said Pickett broke open the door to the house and came in with what appeared to be a shotgun in each hand,' Warren said. The incident occurred at about 3:30 p.m. 'Unbeknownst to Sidney, the 18-year-old had a loaded pump shotgun by the bed. He picked it up and fired five shots from seven feet away. Apparently, he didn’t hit Sidney,' Warren said. "

Five shots from seven feet away and all misses?! It appears that shotguns may just need a little more aiming than conventional wisdom says. Either that or the kid is a very bad shot.

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Theocrat Weighs In On American Issues

A well known religious leader made remarks concerning political questions earlier this week, according to The Enemy Press Agency France Press.

There was no outcry for separation of church and state from the usual quarters for some reason. Oh, wait, it wasn't a Christian leader. The Dalai Lama interfered in American politics at a Washington DC high school and no complaints were made.

It appears the leader might have been set up by a fringe group agitating to give the residents of the District of Columbia unwarranted Congressional representation. "The Tibetan leader said it was 'quite strange' that people in Washington DC had no voting Representatives and no Senators, an issue that has dogged the United States for the last 200 years. (funny, it never seemed to 'dog' America before) It cropped up again when the Dalai Lama, on a visit to a public school in the US capital, was asked by a student why US citizens in DC were denied the right, and what would he do if his citizens were deprived of such a privilege." Note to student: the people of Tibet have no rights at all. Tibet is illegally occupied by the illegitimate thug government in China.

The Lama then asked the question back to the student, Bernard Igbedian. "When Igbedian said he saw no reason for the denial of voting rights, the Dalai Lama, himself battling Chinese authorities for greater autonomy for Tibetans, (is that all?) said the people should speak up and find out why."

Bernie, here's why. The District of Columbia is not a state. The Founders decided that the Seat Of Government should not be under the control of any state. States may cut off funding for services, neglect public safety or any cause any number of problems for the federal government because they don't like a law or administration. The federal government cannot be held hostage by officials from a state. Therefore, the District of Columbia is administered by Congress. Partisan political activity on behalf of any party could and would paralyze government activity. That's why you have no voting rights, nor should you. You want to have a Representative and Senator, move to a state.

Of course this commonsense structure is opposed by radical fringe political agitators. "But the issue of denial of equal rights to the almost 600,000 US citizens living in the 63 square mile (163 square kilometer) DC area, the size of Paris, is no laughing matter, said Kevin Kiger, spokesman for DC Vote, an advocacy group campaigning for full voting representation in Congress for DC residents. 'I am excited that an international leader like the Dalai Lama would share his thoughts on democracy in the US capital city, under a government claiming to be the standard-bearer of democracy,' Kiger said." Sorry bub, America, along with Britain and Australia are the standard bearers. You just don't like that you have no political power for yourself.

Then they bring in what they consider their trump card. "DC Vote charges that the United States is violating international law when it denies the district's residents equal voting rights in Congress. 'The leaders of other countries are using this fact as a bargaining chip, claiming that until the US brings democracy to the residents of its capital, it can forget about preaching democracy to them,' said Ilir Zherka, executive Director of DC Vote." Of all the stories heard from around the world about American Imperialism, not once has any of them mentioned this so-called "bargaining chip." It appears just to be another lie supporting their cause, which again is suspect as soon as they declare America is violating "international law." A non existent international law, of course.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Comment Policy

Well, I guess it's time to iterate a comment policy for Ah, Shoot!

As I believe in the Constitution and freedom, commenters are allowed to post regardless of their political or social views. Even Europeans!

What won't be tolerated is multiple posts on the same subject at the same time. Keep your comments on topic, or if off topic, only as a pointer to a blog post or story. Today I banned an IP because of stupid multiple posts. The comments were banal and just regurgitated anti-war, anti-bush talking points. I have since unbanned the IP because although leftist America and Bush haters don't want people to air their views, I do.

That doesn't mean that any silly comments without some idea of backup won't be moderated to make the poster look foolish. Ah, the joys of Haloscan.

If you choose to post banal leftist talking points, rest assured once I'm aware of them, you won't see much of anything but a post saying "blah, blah, blah, same old leftist lies."

So, feel free to post, but be warned, I'll do what I want to the comments section, but I won't ban you, because this website is free, so are you. Whether you want to be or not.


Senator Graham Protects America, Democrats, America Haters Oppose Him

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina successfully added an amendment to a Senate defense bill now under consideration, according to the Enemy Press AP. The bill would "bar foreign terror suspects at the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, from filing lawsuits in American courts to challenge their detentions, despite a Supreme Court ruling last year that granted such access." Unfortunately they would still be allowed one lawsuit to challenge their detention. However, "they would not be able to file petitions known as writs of habeas corpus, which are used to fight unlawful detentions, in that or any other U.S. court." Some good news anyway.

Sadly, as seems usual these days, Democrats and America haters are lining up to oppose this commonsense amendment. "Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M., said the provision was a major mistake and deserved scrutiny. 'It's contrary to the way the court decisions have come down already. It is an extraordinary step for this Congress to be taking,' he said." Outrageous statement in a time of war. Let's not protect ourselves, let's give the enemy every way to protect themselves, but don't do anything to help America.

More reaction from Democrat leaders: "But Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., said it was too broad and would effectively reverse the Supreme Court's previous decision on the issue of detainees rights. 'It is inconsistent with what the Supreme Court did,' he said." Too bad terrorist lover. Congress has the right to change laws to stop bad rulings from the Supreme Court. This is exactly why the Court must consist only of those who strictly adhere to the clear meaning of the Constitution. The Founders would rebel against the current crop of Democrats and their enemy loving ways.

Like clockwork, the so-called Human-rights groups also challenged the amendment. "'Depriving an entire branch of government of its ability to exercise meaningful oversight is a decidedly wrong course to take,' said Elisa Massimino, the Washington director of Human Rights First." Sorry, but what comes first is the continued existence and freedom of the United States and the West. Besides, the Supreme Court is only to decide constitutionality of laws, not legislate. The late actions of the Court are beyond their constitutional bounds.

It's a sad day indeed when our own legislators are more concerned with the "rights" of murderous terrorists than the safety of America. They should be ashamed. Unfortunately, they aren't.

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President Bush Attacks Democrat Hypocrisy, Too Late?

The Enemy Press AP reported that President Bush "attacked critics" of the Iraq invasion, but only to try to salvage his bad poll ratings.

"President Bush forcefully attacked critics of the war in Iraq on Friday, accusing them of trying to rewrite history and saying they are undercutting American forces on the front lines." Unfortunately for America, what the President said is true. The extremist Democrat leadership and the so-called "anti-war" protestors are doing exactly that. They claim to support the troops, but their actions and associations show otherwise.

"'The stakes in the global war on terror are too high and the national interest is too important for politicians to throw out false charges,' the president said in his combative Veterans Day speech." Truth hurts, doesn't it Harry Reid? John Kerry and Ted Kennedy are probably feeling their ears burn too. "'Some Democrats and anti-war critics are now claiming we manipulated the intelligence and mislead the American people about why we went to war,' Bush said." Correct, and there already have been investigations proving, that even if the material wasn't completely correct, there was no manipulation by the administration. All words to the contrary by those who hate the President so much that they would gladly surrender to the terrorists are exposed as lies. They supported the actions and conclusions of the previous administration, now suddenly the same conclusions are not to be believed? Here's proof of their insanity: "'More than 100 Democrats in the House and the Senate who had access to the same intelligence voted to support removing Saddam Hussein from power,' Bush said."

Again, the truth exposes those who hate America. Those today who oppose the freedom brought to Iraq and Afghanistan are shown as base political operatives. They are concerned more with satisfying their lust for power instead of protecting this country and our way of life. These people are a danger to America. Hopefully America sees through their hatred and votes them out of office at the next opportunity. Our continued freedom requires it.

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Friday, November 11, 2005

China Unveils Five Olympic Mascots: No Political Prisoners, Slave Laborers, Or Persecuted Minorities

The illegal thug government of China presented the false face they wish to show the world at the next Olympics in 2008. "In an elaborate, nationally televised gala at a Beijing sports arena to mark the 1,000-day countdown until the Games, senior Chinese leaders introduced the mascots cartoon renditions of a panda, fish, Tibetan antelope, swallow and the Olympic flame, each one the color of one of the Olympic rings."

"The Five Friendlies" are masking the thousands of murderous criminals in the government, but of course, that won't be said. As per usual, the Olympic leader sucks up to the organizers. "'The five friendlies are an incredible little family carefully chosen by Beijing 2008 to represent all of China to carry a message of friendship to the children of the world,' International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge said in a statement that was read at the ceremony. 'China is so lucky to have so many beautiful animals to represent the Olympic spirit,' Rogge said." Blech. But then again, what type of "friendship" are they offering? The friendly jackboot smashing a face? The friendly occupation of Tibet? The friendly crushing of the Falun Gong? The friendly persecutions of Christians? The friendly threat to invade Taiwan? That's five friendlies isn't it?

Unfortunately, the world will willingly head to China in 2008 and enrich the tyrants there and increase their feelings of goodwill towards a group of murderous thugs. At least it appears Taiwan is safe until after the Olympics.

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What?! Bible True Again?

It appears that another episode in the Bible gets support from an archaeological find in Israel. "Archaeologists digging at the purported biblical home of Goliath have unearthed a shard of pottery bearing an inscription of the Philistine's name, a find they claimed lends historical credence to the Bible's tale of David's battle with the giant."

Of course those who don't want it to be true deny that it ever happened. "Some scholars assert the story of David slaying the giant Goliath is a myth written down hundreds of years later." According to Aren Maeir of Bar-Ilan University, "The shard dates back to around 950 B.C., within 70 years of when biblical chronology asserts David squared off against Goliath, making it the oldest Philistine inscription ever found, the archaeologists said."

Sorry to burst your bubble, Bible haters, but it looks like It speaks the truth again.

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French Protest Neighborhood Violence, 200 People Attend

The Enemy Press AP reports that a whole 200 people held an anti-violence rally near the Eiffel Tower. The story states that the riots are calming down, according to the authorities. Let's see: "On Thursday, a 15th consecutive night of violence saw fewer skirmishes and fewer cars burned 463, down from 482 the previous night, police said." And: "In suburban Paris, however, the number of car burnings increased to 111, from 84 the night before." Right, that sure sounds like "calm."

Of course as it's the AP, the story has lies editorially presented as truth. "The mayhem sweeping neglected and impoverished neighborhoods with large African and Arab communities has forced France to confront anger building for decades among residents who complain of discrimination and unemployment. Although many of the French-born children of Arab and black African immigrants are Muslim, police say the violence is not being driven by Islamic groups." Shaded truth perhaps. Although there have been no verified reports that Islamist terror groups direct these riots, the clear fact is that the rioters are Muslim. That's the gist of it, that's the whole of it. France allowed them in to do their dirty work, and has treated them like second class citizens, and they have responded by doing nothing to integrate themselves into French society. "President Jacques Chirac acknowledged Thursday that France must confront the social inequalities and prejudice that has fueled the violence France's worst since the 1968 student-worker uprising."

That is true, although France's support for Saddam and it's desire to appease Islamist hatred has convinced these Muslim underclass rioters that they are free to do anything and the French will do nothing against them. To France's shame, they're probably right.

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Enemy Press Has Done Its Job, New Poll Says President Not Trusted

The Enemy Press AP in league with Ipsos Public Affairs have finally achieved their goal of demonizing the president and making people believe their lies, according to the Tampa Tribune.

"Most Americans say they aren't impressed by the ethics and honesty of the Bush administration, already under scrutiny for its justifications for an unpopular war in Iraq and its role in the leak of a covert CIA officer's identity." Year after year of lies have finally convinced an apparently large number of Americans that our president isn't honest. The AP and the rest of the Enemy Press have shown their hatred of a good man and have allied themselves with the Islamist enemy to try to bring him down. The constant drumbeat of lies about the war and the lie that Plame was a covert agent have apparently been accepted by a large number of Americans. President Bush must bear some responsibility for allowing these lies to spread. He should have been more forceful putting out his reasons and beliefs, in fact, his administration should be doing this every day to counter the lies from the Enemy Press and the anti-Americans in Congress and the extremist hate filled leadership of the Democrat Party.

According to the poll, "Almost six in 10 - 57 percent - said they do not think the Bush administration has high ethical standards and the same portion says President Bush is not honest, an AP-Ipsos poll found." The responders indicated they didn't like the war. "When those who disapproved of Bush were asked in an open-ended question the top reason, they most frequently mentioned the war far ahead of the second issue, the economy." Of course, because of the constant lies about the way the war is being handled and the insistence by the Enemy Press and the America Haters that he isn't telling America the truth about the war, their truth. Enemy Press Network CNN and the alphabet dinosaurs are constantly reporting deaths and bombings and ignoring all the good that happens there. Over fifty million Iraqis and Afghans are freed from brutal tyrants and all the Enemy Press and the extremist hate filled democrat leadership wants is to destroy the administration of a good Christian man.

In fact, this is how those on the supporting side see him. "'I know he is a man of integrity and strong faith,' said Fran Blaney, a Republican and an evangelical who lives near Hartford, Conn. 'I've read that he prays every morning asking for God's guidance. He certainly is trying to do what he thinks he is supposed to do.'" Yes, and the Enemy Press and anti-Christian haters can't stand it and have done all in their power to ruin him, and it may be starting to succeed.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It's A War, Time To Surrender?

France has been at war for nearly two weeks and they have just recognized that something must be done. After only twelve days of rioting, "Nicolas Sarkozy, the Interior Minister, said state of emergency laws would be used to quell the disturbances," according to the UK Telegraph.

Unfortunately for France, they should have recognized that this would happen sooner. If you continue to "oppress French youths" you'll get burning cars, police being shot, old women set on fire and beatings. Right.

France doesn't deserve this no matter what their people's views are on war or "Palestine" or America. The authorities have a duty to protect the cities and the citizens. They have failed miserably up to this point. Why? Isn't France worth fighting for? Ask the thousands buried in the WWI and WWII cemeteries. France is worth fighting for, but the French must start to defend themselves first.

Why did they wait so long? Guy of Charming, Just Charming believes that they have given up the idea of protecting property with force.

Sure, property is just "things," and "things" can be replaced, lives cannot. However, if you give those who hate your society the impression that you won't defend anything you have, they will take advantage of it. Witness France again. Twelve days of rioting? What took so long to respond? Dithering over what people would think or whether the rioters have a legitimate reason for their actions (they do not) makes a country look weak. Are the authorities trying to protect business interests in those former French lands that might share the views of the rioters? Perhaps, perhaps they are stuck with their "we are not America" position and cannot decide whether or not to act as the hated George Bush would. Whatever the reasons, the French government must now act forcefully to stop the criminal behavior. Already sympathetic riots have broken out elsewhere.

The first thing that the West must do is say exactly what is intolerable to our civilization and what we will resist. Islamist hatred, not Islam, must be opposed in no uncertain terms. People have the freedom in the West to choose what religion, if any, they will follow. Those who refuse people this right are our enemies. Religion itself is not our enemy. People are free to follow Islam here, but inciting followers to kill other people or to demonize or insult them is not allowed and will be met with force if necessary. The Saud regime must be told in no uncertain terms to cease funding Islamist hatred to keep their thrones. No excuses must be made for any and all Islamist terror. Those nations which do not stop aiding or cheering on these actions must be isolated from the world community. Cut off trade, cut off immigration and cut off foreign aid. President Bush, Prime Ministers Blair and Howard and other Coalition countries have started to address these issues, it's now time for the rest of the world to join in. France and Germany and Russia must also begin to resist Islamist terror when it affects other countries, not just their own. France is now burning, will she put out the flames or burn into ashes?

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World's Oldest Church Found In Israel?

Fox News reports that Israeli prisoners in Megiddo were excavating a construction site when they stumbled upon a mosaic said to contain early Christian iconography.

The church is believed to be from the third century AD. "'What's clear today is that it's the oldest archaeological remains of a church in Israel, maybe even in the entire region. Whether in the entire world, it's still too early to say,' said Yotam Tepper, the excavation's head archaeologist." By the style of the building and lack of crosses, the Israel Antiquities Authority believes this gives the date as prior to the fourth century, although "Joe Zias, an anthropologist and former curator with the antiquities authority, questioned the dating of the find, saying there is no evidence of churches before the fourth century. The building may have been in use earlier, but most likely not for Christian religious purposes, he said. 'They're going to be hard, hard-pressed to prove it ... because the evidence argues otherwise,' Zias said."

Whether it dates from the third or fourth century is up for debate, however the name of Jesus was clearly seen on the mosaic. Unfortunately, no mention was found of Allah or Mohammed, therefore this apparently isn't a Muslim holy site.

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Monday, November 07, 2005

UN Oil For Food Criminals Think Halliburton Owes Iraq Money

After completing an exhaustive audit of everyone but themselves, the murderous accomplices of Saddam screeched that Halliburton should pay back $208 million in alleged overcharges for Iraq reconstruction, according to

"The International Advisory and Monitoring Board for the Development of Iraq conducted a special audit on Halliburton's Kellogg, Brown and Root unit for the procurement and distribution of fuel products and the restoration of Iraq's oil infrastructure...In a statement made public on its website yesterday, the board said it 'recommends that amounts disbursed to contractors that cannot be supported as fair be reimbursed expeditiously.'" Halliburton is of course disputing these charges. "Halliburton's spokeswoman, Cathy Mann, said the UN agency has questioned the quality of the supporting documents for the costs -- not the costs themselves. 'Therefore, it would be completely wrong to say or imply that any of these costs that were incurred at the client's direction for its benefit are 'overcharges,'' Mann said. The board can make recommendations but not decisions on whether reimbursements are made."

If Mann's statement is true, then the whole idea of reimbursement is not open for discussion. The UN doesn't dispute the idea of the charges, they just don't like the documentation. Too bad. If the Turtle Bay Tyranny Society believes that money has been illegally taken from the Iraqi people, then perhaps they might want to reimburse Iraq out of the money UN officials have stolen. Start with the Secretary-General and his family.

Sadly, we know that these charges have nothing to do with money. The UN has been looking for any possible avenue to denigrate and reverse the freedom the Iraqis gained with the overthrow of Saddam. Many members of the UN and indeed the Security Council itself were in league with Saddam and UN officials to thwart the removal of a murderous thug. Various countries tried to stop the invasion so as to protect their financial interests. Interests more important to them than the freedom of the Iraqi people.

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China Threatens International Businesses With Proposed Anti-Trust Laws

From Yahoo News. The illegal thug government in China is set to approve a new so-called "anti-trust" law. The effect of this "law" will be to force any company with a presence in China doing over $184 million in business to get approval from murderous hoodlums before they can acquire or merge with other businesses. "Authorities would then review the deals for their impact on competition in the domestic market, just as the United States and European Union do."

This is a troubling development. Although America and the European Union also have these safeguards, allowing an evil government to control the actions of free business is tantamount to surrendering the global economy to those who would stifle freedom with brutal force.

Of course as is said, wherever a foot is stomping on human freedom, a westerner is always found to speak up for them. "'China realizes that the world is watching and it must play fair in the implementation of the Anti-monopoly Law,' said James Zimmerman, a Beijing-based partner with Squire, Sanders & Dempsey LLP. 'Given the long history of state-managed enterprises and protectionism, it still is going to take time for China to fully accept cross-border mergers and acquisitions.'" That is certainly an understatement. Of course what should happen is that businesses vital to America should immediately announce that if this "law" passes, then they will pull out of all business dealings in China. No one will however as they have become addicted to the low cost of production with slave labor and they will most likely accept Chinese control over their global activities.

President Bush and Congress should speak against the implementation of such laws and force American businesses to disregard any ruling about mergers coming from the unfree government of China. It is dangerous for freedom for China to have any control over the global economy. This "law" would allow China to dictate the rules for businesses everywhere. It must be opposed.

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Red Babies Cry, While Bush, America Ignore Them

Pity the poor hate-filled communists and other anti-American and Anti-Bush protestors way south of the border. They chant and sloganeer, and rally and wear stupid shirts and President Bush ignores them.

Fox News has two stories about the President's trip to Argentina for the Organization of American States meeting. He was also trying to win support for achieving a free trade zone from Canada to the tip of South America.

So while he was in town, a rabble of typical freedom hating communists and others banged drums, gathered in stadiums and made speeches denouncing the president and the proposed free trade zone.

Too bad for you people, but you know, America and Americans really don't care what you think. Sure, the enemy within will support you and you can be sure that you will hear encouraging words from places like Massachusetts and New York, but you can protest all you want, Americans don't see it and don't care. President Bush isn't going to be moved by people like you.

Hey, if an old naked guy who inflates his testicles can't get President Bush to change his plans, what makes you think you can?

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British Judge Apologizes To Terrorist

The UK Telegraph reports that Judge Timothy Workman cravenly begged forgiveness from a murderous terrorist for making him appear on a Muslim "holy day." "Judge Workman told (suspect) Aswat: 'I am very sorry, if I had known we would have picked a different day.'"

That's right Britain, bow down to your new overlords. What foolishness. Has this or any other judge apologized to any other criminal suspect who happened to appear during some other religious holy day? For some reason, the answer is probably, No.

In fact, the terrorist himself told the judge he understood and really didn't have any concern about it. "'For me it is not a problem, I can understand it is about technical difficulties but for these people doing these bombings in [Britain], they are very simple minded, they take it as an insult.'" Yes, everything is insulting to them, perhaps they should leave? Not likely however. But, why bother? Your hosts and soon to be servants don't seem to want to make you conform to their culture, no reason to do so is there?

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Reid Must Resign

This blog calls for the immediate resignation or expulsion from the Senate of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. He has usurped power and violated Senate courtesy by forcing a closed session to try to aid the enemy in Iraq.

Senator Reid has shown himself to have no leadership abilities, he has done nothing for America, he has done nothing to help the War Effort, and he has offered no leadership on domestic issues.

There are many reasons stated by the President to justify our invasion of Iraq and removal of the murderous tyrant Saddam Hussein. Intelligence concerning Saddam's attempt to purchase yellowcake nuclear material from Niger was only a small part. Apparently as the result of Mr Fitzgerald's failure to indict Karl Rove in regards to the revealing of a non covert agents name, Senator Reid is trying another immoral tactic to denigrate the President and weaken this country's resolve to fight Islamist terror.

By engaging in these activities, Senator Reid is aiding the enemy who declared war on us on September 11. Whether or not Senator Reid believes he is aiding the enemy or just trying to destroy the presidency of a Godly man, he is endangering our survival and must be removed from power. America voted to re-elect the president because of his desire and ability to prosecute the war against our enemies. Senator Reid has not been. Obstructing the president's domestic agenda is fair game. Obstructing the prosecution of a war is not. Senator Reid has stepped over the boundaries of acceptable political activity and must be punished.

The safety of America in the time of war must be every political leader's priority. Senator Reid has shown by his actions that it is not his. America cannot afford to have Senator Reid in Congress in this time of national danger. He must resign or be removed.

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