Monday, November 28, 2005

Democrats Misunderstand Government, Or Wanting The Whip Hand?

Traditionally the President gives a holiday address and this week was no exception. President Bush's weekly radio address was wholly focused on Thanksgiving and America. He thanked the troops for their sacrifice. "They are America's finest, and we thank them today and every day for their service and sacrifice." He also included their families. "This week we also extend our gratitude to our military families, who are making great sacrifices to advance freedom's cause. Many of our servicemen and women have endured long deployments and separations from home." He reminded us of our blessings and he urged us to share them with others. A good, strong, faith inspired message this holiday weekend.

Each party also responds to the other's radio address. This Thanksgiving weekend the task was given to Washington state governor Christine Gregoire. After an initial short acknowledgement of thanksgiving to the troops, which by its brevity appears to have been a distasteful thing for her, the Democrat response to Thanksgiving was all politics.

She begins her screed with talk of high energy prices, which have already been coming down by the way, with a reference to New Mexico's governor Richardson, the baseball pro...well, not really. She notes that Governor Richardson has called a special session of the legislature that approved and implemented a rebate scheme. But of course, a permanent tax relief bill wasn't on the agenda. Apparently Democrats don't like to give tax relief. Also it was noted that, "Pennsylvania Governor Rendell announced an agreement to build the nation’s first waste-coal-to-diesel plant – a project that will reduce energy bills for Pennsylvania’s residents and reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil." Well, why is this happening now? Why not increase oil exploration here and drill in ANWR? Democrats and their extremist "environmentalist" allies have scotched plan after plan to create more energy producing plants for years. How many power generating stations have been built in the last ten to twenty years? None? Thanks Governor Rendell, for nothing that is.

Gregoire then launches into a laundry list of things the President and Congress does that she doesn't like. She seems to think that everything bad is because of what President Bush does. Apparently the Democrats believe that Americans want free health care, which isn't free because taxes go up, that Americans want free education, which isn't free because taxes go up, that Americans want the government to create jobs for them, which can't happen because to create jobs from nothing, taxes go up.

Unfortunately for poor Governor Gregoire, not one of those things is anywhere in the Constitution. But since when have Democrats wanted the Constitution? It's bizarre, but apparently now standard operating procedure for the America hating leadership of the Democrat party to insist on false rights and try to destroy real rights Americans have as human beings. It seems that although they talk of the President and Republicans in Congress being out of touch with America, the election results continue to show the people reject the ideas of the Democrats. All their talk leads to one inescapable conclusion, the idea of government the Democrats are most comfortable with and really desire is one that treats every person in America like this.

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