Monday, November 07, 2005

UN Oil For Food Criminals Think Halliburton Owes Iraq Money

After completing an exhaustive audit of everyone but themselves, the murderous accomplices of Saddam screeched that Halliburton should pay back $208 million in alleged overcharges for Iraq reconstruction, according to

"The International Advisory and Monitoring Board for the Development of Iraq conducted a special audit on Halliburton's Kellogg, Brown and Root unit for the procurement and distribution of fuel products and the restoration of Iraq's oil infrastructure...In a statement made public on its website yesterday, the board said it 'recommends that amounts disbursed to contractors that cannot be supported as fair be reimbursed expeditiously.'" Halliburton is of course disputing these charges. "Halliburton's spokeswoman, Cathy Mann, said the UN agency has questioned the quality of the supporting documents for the costs -- not the costs themselves. 'Therefore, it would be completely wrong to say or imply that any of these costs that were incurred at the client's direction for its benefit are 'overcharges,'' Mann said. The board can make recommendations but not decisions on whether reimbursements are made."

If Mann's statement is true, then the whole idea of reimbursement is not open for discussion. The UN doesn't dispute the idea of the charges, they just don't like the documentation. Too bad. If the Turtle Bay Tyranny Society believes that money has been illegally taken from the Iraqi people, then perhaps they might want to reimburse Iraq out of the money UN officials have stolen. Start with the Secretary-General and his family.

Sadly, we know that these charges have nothing to do with money. The UN has been looking for any possible avenue to denigrate and reverse the freedom the Iraqis gained with the overthrow of Saddam. Many members of the UN and indeed the Security Council itself were in league with Saddam and UN officials to thwart the removal of a murderous thug. Various countries tried to stop the invasion so as to protect their financial interests. Interests more important to them than the freedom of the Iraqi people.

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