Tuesday, December 20, 2005

And They Think US Sport Fans Are Bad...

Take a look about this story from Europe. The Enemy Press Network ABC reports that the gay and girl sport of soccer seems to be having an outbreak of rude and boorish behavior.

"Soccer clubs that fail to control racist fans were threatened by FIFA president Sepp Blatter (real name, Full Pissholder) with relegation, suspension and expulsion. Blatter said legal experts at world soccer's governing body would decide in January what measures are needed to strengthen FIFA's anti-racism laws. National soccer federations will then vote on the proposed regulations at FIFA's annual congress next year." B-b-but, I thought that Europe was enlightened and superior to the low class US? Where does all this come from? Can it be that "Europeons" are subject to the same passions and hatreds that the rest of humanity is? Perhaps.

As per usual in the Land of Increasing Darkness, ze zolution ist regulashun, regulashun, regulashun. "Teams that fail to control their players or fans also might be forced to play matches in empty stadiums. But Blatter said new, more severe punishments are needed." Open the re-education camps! There will be a Great Leap Forward in race relations, all will learn to be tolerant of others, except Muslims of course, they will be exempt from such laws. A Prague Winter will solve all the continent's problems.

Poor old Europe, destined for the trash heap of history. A failed experiment in self government gone awry. I guess Europeans and democracy and rule of law aren't compatible after all, they need a strongman to rule them. Too bad. Bye.

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