Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Blind Shooter Upset That Others Can Get CCW

Enemy Press Network MSNBC aired a story about a blind North Dakota shooter who complained to Tucker Carlson about that state's decision to do away with a marksmanship test for those seeking a concealed carry permit.

"TUCKER CARLSON, HOST, ‘SITUATION’: 'You are worried that people who should not have concealed weapons permits are getting them, is that right?'"

"CAREY MCWILLIAMS, BLIND MAN WITH GUN PERMIT: 'Yes. The legislature went ahead and, without consulting me at all, just decided that if a lowly blind person can pass their shooting exam, which I have heard from the police officers that were around me when I was shooting, they said that they dread that kind of test. Even though I passed that, they were just going to toss it, and throw it away, and then everybody and their brother-in-law can just pretty much show up and don’t know anything about firearms, but feeling macho that day, they just show their driver’s license, and there they are.'"

Loaded question. Who exactly are those people who should not have concealed permits anyway? Carlson doesn't say but McWilliams does. He arrogantly believes that he alone has the right to decide the (unconstitutional) gun laws in North Dakota. "...without consulting me at all...." the government apparently doesn't take into account McWilliams' ideas about the right to keep and bear arms. He doesn't like the fact that anyone now can obtain a permit. It appears North Dakota is going to brace for a flood of applications from those he deems unfit to carry weapons.

Although McWilliams appears to be on the right side of the right to own guns, it's disturbing to hear those with permits say other people shouldn't be allowed to have them. The Constitution of North Dakota itself doesn't limit who should be able to own guns. Neither does the US Constitution. Apparently even gun owners are sometimes blind to the reality that all citizens of America have the right to guns, whether they know anything about them or not.

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