Monday, December 26, 2005

Enemy Press USA Today's Bizarre Pro-Hunting Editorial

Earlier this week Enemy Press USA Today posted an editorial by Skidmore College professor Mary Zeiss Stange which argued for hunting in urban areas overrun with deer. Professor Stange is the author of Woman The Hunter, a book about her perspective concerning society's view of women and hunting.

She discusses the need to cull deer caught in an urban setting, and details how some cities go about this. She does seem to have an aversion to baiting the antlered rats by professionals who then kill them. Stange prefers to have non professionals do the work. "All that skilled hunters need to do the job are access and homeowners' permission, and several metropolitan areas that have established 'urban hunts' do provide both - among them are Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, and some counties around the Twin Cities. Though most of these urban hunts involve archery rather than firearms, all have three things in common: They are highly regulated, and only very well-qualified hunters make the cut. As a result, they are very safe; there are no documented cases of injuries to non-hunters in any urban deer hunts. And they do work to bring down deer numbers - perhaps not quite so dramatically as a sharpshooting fest, but certainly more humanely, economically and ethically. The meat from these urban hunts generally goes to community food banks."

This seems like common sense for areas under attack by an overpopulation of deer. Someone at the editorial board must have been at a meeting or asleep when this editorial ran. Imagine the Enemy Press ever endorsing hunting!

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