Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Instapundit And Online Shopping

Professor Reynolds posted a column at TCS Daily about the future of shopping. Resale shopping specifically. He talks about a new book by Daniel Nissanoff who is involved in internet business ventures. Nissanoff writes of how resale portals such as eBay will profoundly change the way Americans see and discard of possessions. He apparently believes that we will use eBay and other sites to buy items regardless of the cost because we will recoup the premium paid by reselling it later.

A bright future for consumers? Perhaps, but what if your consumer heart desires to promote and protect the Second Amendment? Say you live in a state that's unfriendly to your right to self protection. You fire up the computer and go to eBay to search for a little rifle or shotgun. What will you find? Why, their list of banned items. Here's the main point that rankles, or should, everyone concerned about their Constitutional liberties. "Weapons listed on eBay U.S. must comply with the California Penal Code covering the sale of weapons. Otherwise, these items are not permitted on eBay." One of the most regulated, citizen fearing, true liberty restricting states is vetoing your Constitutional Rights. Of course eBay is probably a California based company, so they must follow state laws, but your Constitutional Right trumps state law every time. Are the owners of eBay anti-gun? It's not stated anywhere, perhaps they are not, but they are aware of the consequences of breaking state laws, even blatantly unconstitutional ones.

If eBay and other sites are indeed the future of shopping, it bodes ill for our freedoms unless new competitors for eBay are located in states that realize they have no power to keep Americans from exercising their Constitutional Rights. Many will say, so what if eBay won't let you have guns, you can always use sites such as Southern Ohio Gun, or Gunbroker, or Guns America.

Well, if those people would actually go to those sites, they could see quite clearly that these sites are also under the control of each state's gun laws. Do you live in East LA, or South Central LA? Would you like to buy a nice Czech surplus pistol for self protection? Sorry, you can't have it if you live in California. It's for your own good apparently, and eBay agrees. "Since (sic) the sale of weapons is highly regulated, or may cause harm to eBay or its members, sellers are restricted in their listing of them on eBay." However, cars, which do more harm to people each year that firearms, are for sale in abundance on eBay.

It's a frightening thought that the internet, which is touted as a tool of freedom, could become a tool of oppression. Those who hate your right to bear arms already use every lie they can and manipulate figures to try to keep you from protecting yourself. Let's hope this coming online revolution doesn't aid the cause of freedom haters. Perhaps you should buy a gun today...for the children.

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