Monday, December 19, 2005

It Brings Out The Best In Us...Or The Worst

Christmas. The Holiday Season. How many times do you hear people greeting strangers on the street during the year? Not as many as in December. It seems that this time of year brings out our best feelings for our fellow man.

Well, not for everyone. Here's something I saw written on the back window of a truck today. "WORSHIP YOURSELVES! Stop worshipping your imaginary friend on Sundays and put your faith in yourself."

Of course in the old days I might have gotten angry at the owner of said truck and maybe cursed at him. Apparently I'm getting soft in my old age. Well, not really. After I read this screed writ large, I burst out laughing. Why? Not because I believe what's written on the window is true, but it reinforces the idea that there's no one more intolerant than a militant atheist. They claim the name of Bright, as in knowing the light, or being enlightened or carrying the light. You know a light bearer, or as the Latin would say, a Lucifer. Ooops, no offense meant to live and let live Atheists.

I guess there's just something about the public expression of goodwill and peace towards your fellow man that riles up militant atheists. I suppose that this Jesus fellow has something to do with it. The militant atheists claim He doesn't exist, but they sure have to keep denigrating the non-existant God don't they?

Merry Christmas to all the Atheists out there who aren't bothered by Christmas.