Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ten Worst Americans

While surfing today I came upon this post at All Things Beautiful. Alexandra von Maltzan has invited bloggers from all over the blogosphere. Do yourself a favor and don't read the other's choices until you've made yours. It's amazing that one's I chose I felt would be a little obscure made various lists. Create your list and then check out all the others.

Here's mine, in no particular order:

Charles Lee: Because of excessive pride which made him believe he should supplant Washington as Commander in Chief. He was captured by the British prior to the Christmas attack on Trenton, and it was later revealed he had treasonously offered a plan to the British to end the Revolution. After he was exchanged he was dilatory in carrying out his orders and spent a large amount of time denigrating Washington. He was court-martialed for disobeying orders and publicly insulting Washington. He spent the rest of his life attacking Washington.

Benedict Arnold: Causa dicta est.

Clement Laird Vallandigham: Ohio Democrat politician and original Copperhead. Expressed sympathy with the Confederate cause and publicly spoke against Bush and the War, er Lincoln and the War in such uncertain terms that he was arrested and tried for treasonous activities.

John D Rockefeller: Avarice personified. He built Standard Oil into the country's largest monopoly by ruthless business practices. His competitors were either driven out of business or forced to sell out to him because of Standard's kickback to railroad companies. He tried to change his image by throwing dimes out to children on the street. Someone once remarked that he made dollars and gave away dimes. The legacy of fake philanthropy continued with his descendants, who give away massive amounts of money but also have massive amounts of control throughout society.

Boss Tweed: One of America's most corrupt politicians, Tweed is the poster boy for graft and public corruption. $400 toilets for the military have nothing on Boss Tweed's brooms for $41,190.

Margaret Sanger: Icon of the birth control and abortion movement, many people think she helped create reproductive freedom. In reality, she championed eugenics and the forced sterilization of those she deemed unfit to have children. Her destructive legacy is the abortion pushing Planned Parenthood Foundation of America.

Lucky Luciano: Although Capone was the bigger name, the modern mafia was conceived and built by Luciano with his friend Meyer Lansky. The ruthless corporate crime syndicate was his idea. Infiltration of honest businesses made it very hard to root out organized crime.

The Rosenbergs: Convicted of spying for the Soviet Union and providing details for atomic weapons, this pair helped the Soviets develop their WMDs. They may have not provided the most essential information, but they willingly adhered to an enemy and were involved in other activities, according to their former handler and corroborated by the Venona Papers.

FDR: The architect of the modern welfare, expect government to care for you, helpless American state. Whether or not he had the idea to socialize America, or if circumstances conspired to make it so is immaterial. The illegal, unconstitutional acts and agencies he created affect the republic today. Personal responsibility died with his election to the presidency.

The Monstrous One: Committed to power, this person will say whatever it takes to control the government. Appearing to back middle American values, this politician extraordinaire tacks from left to right to appear palatable to most of America. If this person ever succeeds, darkness will descend on America.

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