Monday, December 19, 2005

WTO Ends, No Violence Predicted

Fox News reports that the WTO meetings in Hong Kong ended with "a last-minute compromise on a date for wealthy nations to end farm export subsidies." Of course these meetings always get an out of control group of hate filled protesters who just say "rah, rah, rah, our side hates you," and freedom by the way.

Anyway, a group did gather and had a violent confrontation with police. One little note, this WTO meeting was in a totalitarian country, Communist China, in fact. This leads one to wonder, with the typical Chinese response to protests being this, and this, how did these people get in to do their deed?

Perhaps China isn't as interested in free trade as they seem? Well, of course not, the government is an illegal, immoral, murderous thug junta. What they really want is access to the world's markets to bring in cash for expansionist plans. Ever hear of the gun maker Norinco? Well, despite denials to the contrary, it's not a free enterprise. Norinco is an arm of the Peoples Liberation Army, or the Communist government. Every item purchased from Norinco goes directly to support the criminal designs of the government.

With this knowledge, one is lead to believe that the protests were allowed and tacitly encouraged by the government. Otherwise you would think that a large influx of people who have no ties to the WTO coming into the meeting area would make the authorities investigate who they are, and then, keep them out. But no, that didn't happen. Maybe people should pay more attention to the global activities of China, they aren't anyone's friend. Someday we may regret integrating them into the world economy.

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