Sunday, December 31, 2006

Centennial Of God's Own Rifle Cartridge

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The year 2006 marks one hundred years since the adoption of the 30-06 cartridge. Read more about this All-American cartridge.

History Of The .30-06 Cartridge

The Best Cartridge Ever

.30-06 Springfield

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Saturday, December 30, 2006


"He has lived."

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

She Speaks....

Finally had the chance to take out the aught three! Also, my first time for an indoor range. As a new customer, I had to shoot at the silhouette target first to prove to them I wouldn't fill their ceiling with holes! The red circle shows the first hit.

Forty plus year old eyes and a dark range doesn't help your accuracy I'm sure, but at least for this attempt the shots seemed to stay near each other. This target shows two groups of five shots all shot at fifty yards from a bench rest using a sling. I don't have sandbags or a vise to shoot from. The battle sight was set to 100 yards. The first five shots (green) were Winchester 150 grain, and the second group (blue)was Remington 150 grain.

The second target was fifteen shots using Remington again with a sling. One in the red and four in the black. This target was set at twenty five yards I tried to set the black on the top of the front sight. I had very little movement with the sling, so it appears that the rifle is shooting a little high and to the right.

Let this next target be a lesson to me. Here again at twenty five yards, no sling just bench rest. All ten shots were Federal American Eagle 150 grain. Big difference. Strung out the shots. Guess I was trying to keep a straight line instead of a nice little group. Definitely shoots better with a sling. Holding it with elbows on a bench is very hard for me to get decent groups.

The last grouping indicates I was still following the string theory.... I tried adjusting my aim and at least I lowered the elevation but was way too far left, although I did get one in the black. The one in the seven ring wasn't a flyer, it was a benchmark shot aimed with the black sitting on top of the front blade sight. I dropped my aim halfway down and to the left and it worked. Not exactly how I wanted it - OK elevation - but I started walking the shots to the left. Just goes to show you that leftism is evil.... The target was set at fifty yards and I wasn't using the sling. American Eagle was used again.

Lessons learned? Use a sling. My dad showed me how they used slings in the army and I believe that was the technique I used. It definitely steadies aim. Unfortunately the range is limited to fifty yards so I don't have a clear idea how far off the sights are. Until someone can take me as a guest to one of the area outdoor ranges, I'll just have to guess about the accuracy. In total I fired off forty five rounds out of the old warhorse. Recoil? Sure, but it wasn't that bad...because I have a recoil pad on it! No pain after shooting! In reality the kick wasn't anywhere near what I had been expecting. It was a moderate push but I'm sure forty five rounds would have been tiring without the pad. I fired ten rounds from the Swiss K31 without a recoil pad and although I could start feeling it, it wasn't that bad either. Firing multiple rounds under battle conditions is much different than sitting at a range I'm sure.

I gave the rifle a good cleaning and put it away for another day. I still haven't gotten around to test firing the Mak after reassembling it a few weeks ago. It seems that none of the local ranges like the fmj alloy bullets I buy for it. Eh, maybe there's some cheap Chicom stuff around....

Monday, December 18, 2006

Rat Out A Straw Purchaser To The BATFE

A bit late for this, but has a post suggesting that all law abiding gun owners rat out a criminal who's been making straw purchases throughout the country. It's the duty of all gun owners to purge the ranks of those who willingly break our laws for nefarious purposes.

If you see this man, call the BATFE at 1 800 ATF-GUNS ( 1 800 283-4867). He should definitely be considered a danger to society. Do your duty gun owners!

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mayor Daley, Chicago Anti-Gun Culture Responsible For Shooting Deaths At Highrise Office?

The Enemy Press AP reports on out of Portland Oregon about an apparently angry man who stormed a patent lawyers office and gunned down three employees of the firm.

"Joe Jackson forced a security guard (unarmed?) at gunpoint to take him up to the 38th floor offices of Wood, Phillips, Katz, Clark & Mortimer, which specialized in intellectual property and patents. He carried a revolver, knife and hammer in a large manila envelope and chained the office doors behind him, police said. Jackson, 59, told witnesses before he was shot that he had been cheated over a toilet he had invented for use in trucks, Police Superintendent Phil Cline said Saturday." The hostage drama ended when SWAT teams killed Jackson.

The SWAT team, the last resort of a desperate city. Armed with military weapons, armor, and using commando tactics, snipers took out the raving citizen. The city was saved, three lives were lost. How many more would have been at risk if the police hadn't taken Jackson out? How many indeed.

How many would have been killed if the unfortunate denizens of Chicago were allowed to protect themselves? Thanks to the likes of Mayor Daley and the rest of the Chicago government - in fact the whole state of Illinois - if you are unwilling to break the law and arm yourself, you take your lives in your hands by merely being in that benighted area. If the citizens of the city were able to legally possess handguns, Jackson might have been stopped before killing anyone. There's really no way to know if an armed security guard would have stopped Jackson, but if a number of people in the building were carrying, surely one with concern for the welfare of fellow citizens might have ended Jackson's rampage earlier. The concerned citizen is the best defense against evildoers.

The thought that someone might be able to thwart his plans could have dissuaded Jackson from carrying out his murder spree. It's puzzling that those in power can't seem to grasp the simple fact that an armed citizenry is the best deterrent to those who refuse to behave lawfully. Of course considering the shameful behavior of many of America's so-called leaders, perhaps they do understand the power of the armed citizen, and react accordingly by attempting to restrict the free persons right to self defense. Guilty consciences may be the impetus for many of the laws passed to ban gun ownership throughout the last century. They'll never tell, and we'll never know.

Do those in power then, have the moral responsibility to allow citizens to defend themselves? If they refuse, or actively block the constitutional right to bear arms, are they in any way guilty of aiding and abetting the crimes perpetrated by criminals? The logical answer is yes on both questions. How can someone with any love of humanity refuse to be held accountable for failing to protect the life and property of those people under his or her area of authority, and then after declaring themselves unable to protect individual citizens, begin prosecution of those citizens willing to defend themselves from social predators by use of firearms?

The truth is that they cannot. At least, they cannot if they wish to maintain their moral standing. Of course, those with political or social power who seek to restrict your right to defend yourself make it well known that they believe themselves to have the rights they would deny to you. Many times politicians and celebrities who demand gun control are exposed as hypocrites who either carry themselves or are surrounded by armed bodyguards.

Such illuminating points shouldn't be lost on the general public. Ask yourself: Is my worth to society less than a mere reciter of lines? Does a pretty face merit more protection from criminal elements than a less attractive one? Are my children less deserving of having parents than the demagogue? If your answer is no, then you just might be ready to assert your constitutional right to defend yourself.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Time To Hang It Up? Or, Remember, You're A Nobody

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! You'll get to meet so many new people online and maybe with a lot of hard work and a little bit of magic, you'll be taken seriously and perhaps even get a link from one of the Stars of the Internet!

(Slap! Slap!) Wake up dummy, none of the "big dogs" give a crap about you! Sure they all accept "tips" and comments from the hoi polloi, but in reality, they all like to stick with their own kind. And you my friend are not their kind. Truth from Power, man....

Now, back to reality. Most people who blog like to write. If you are motivated to place your thoughts out for the world to see, you'd be lying if you claim that readership is of no concern to you. Readership and being taken seriously is a motivation for us all. Has any blogger ever refused to place a counter on his site? Maybe. I wonder how many point with pride to the lack of a meter, but in reality just have a hidden one? How many bloggers never check their site meter stats? Few I'd bet. Even if the mythical unconcerned blogger was ever found, what would he or she say? "Well, I'm only posting family stuff for my relatives and friends to see." OK, and are not your family and friends a readership? Indeed they are. They may not be the world at large, but eyes other than the writer's see the page. This claim to lack of care is found wanting.

The sore point for most bloggers is this: I want to make my thoughts known, I want my thoughts to be read, I want my thoughts to be taken seriously, I want my blogging to have dignity. Unfortunately for nearly all bloggers, this doesn't happen. Should we expect anything out of blogging? Probably not, yet we've been attracted to it because of the trumpeted promise that we will be read, we will be taken seriously, and we will have dignity. We will not.

Soul crushing experiences dog us throughout our lives, but it seems that public ones have more sting. We all have personal lives with hurt in them, but they are generally kept out of the public eye. Our blogging remains permanently out in the world for all to see for as long as someone's posts or websites exist. Our failures will never go away.

Consider this: You have some fair knowledge of certain subjects people might be interested in so you've started a blog, you've visited other sites to comment, and you've actually had some readers. Some of them have blogrolled you and you have a small, but constant source of visitors. Then you try to increase your readership. You comment on larger well known blogs that have the guts to let you leave comments. You think you've got it made, right? Hey, you have as much as a chance as anyone to have the top bloggers notice you and maybe even give you a link for something you've blogged about. But it never happens. That's life you say, it just hasn't happened yet. Then you take a good look to see why, just in case you're doing something wrong, perhaps you can do something to make them want to link to you or give you credit for pointing them to a story. So you look about the sites you frequent. OK, you've gotten home from work, fired up the PC and logged onto one of your desired linkers. Quite a few posts today. You've been eight hours on the job and a few more at your kids' sporting events, you've also made dinner and done some yardwork. Wow, that first post is a doozy, you've gotta comment there! You read all the comments and have a well reasoned post of your own to add. You type it in and hit submit comment. Great, wait until they get a load of you! Other posts are interesting too and you write what you want there. Oh, bedtime.

The next day you hit the scene and scroll down to read what people have said about your comments. They were well reasoned and well written and talked directly to the post. Two things have happened. On the first post your comment is still the last one. You posted on a dead thread, nothing you said was seen by anybody. The second post had a few more comments so you click to read. The commenters completely ignored your post, by the time you entered your words, the posts had degenerated into a dead end of off topic comments between people who use the comments section for their own personal chatroom. Your last post was on a live thread, but when scrolling through the comments no one had addressed your point. The thread was still on topic, but you have been ignored. Your post wasn't silly or off topic, it was reasoned and should have generated some interest. It did not.

Now you're puzzled. What happened? Well, your site meter shows that two people came to your site from the comment thread. Woo Hoo! You rush to Haloscan or whatever commenting site you use to see what they posted on your site. Nothing. No comments whatsoever. You go back to your stats to visit the sites of the people who visited yours, maybe they posted about you on their site. Nope. Nothing to indicate they even spent more than a minute on your site. You're apparently of no interest to them. Not even a comment about how stupid you are. You're beginning to think that even hate mail is better than being ignored. All of your efforts to gain readership and be taken seriously have earned you nothing. And you are rather well versed in your blogging area, yet no one save your little group of dedicated readers even visits your site. Unfortunately, most of them are in the same boat as you, grasping for readers and comments. The one or two who do have a larger readership than you like you and comment at your site, but their blog direction is different than yours and they aren't able to send many readers your way who are interested in your subject. So you end up posting less often and your readership declines. What's to do now? Renew your efforts or hang it up?

Consider this: You do have some fair knowledge of a certain subject area. One of your bookmarked sites sometimes has a post about your area of expertise. And it's a big dog of the blogosphere! Site doesn't allow comments though. You can send an e-mail with a tip. And so you do. You've seen other bloggers get links from this site for story ideas and you read them too. Good stuff, and they're also blogs with good visitor and comment stats.

So you've sent in your tip with a link to your post about the story. You visit the site every day waiting to see if your story pops up. Two weeks after your e-mail, your favorite blogger does indeed post about the subject in your e-mail. You excitedly read the post and see that the writer does give credit and a link to someone who sent in the information! It is not you. Whaaa? But I.... Yeah, someone else apparently sent the story to the blogger. You read again and you see that the blogger credited more than one source for the updated post. So multiple people were given a link about the story except you. Who are these lucky people? Why, mainstream journalists from national news outlets and bloggers with high stats of course! They get the links and the readers, you are ignored. You wonder why? The blogosphere is the new paradigm, everyone a Murrow! That's the truth put out by its supporters. The reality is far different. Take a look at the top bloggers according to The Truth Laid Bear:

Higher Beings (4611) details
2.Michelle Malkin (4205) details
3.Declarations of Pride (3497) details
4.Daily Kos: State of the Nation (3362) details
5.lgf: judging from the large number of shoes (3151) details
6.Captain's Quarters (2857) details
7.Power Line (2851) details
8.Stop The ACLU (2762) details
9.Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall (2191) details
10.The Volokh Conspiracy - - (2057) details

Mortal Humans
11.Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things (2015) details
12.SeekingAlpha: Stock Picks, Stock Market Investing (2005) details
13.Mudville Gazette (1917) details
14.Hugh Hewitt (1887) details
15.Andrew Sullivan | The Daily Dish (1846) details
16.Eschaton (1838) details
17.RealClearPolitics (1805) details
18.The Huffington Post (1685) details
19.Hot Air (1655) details
20.Wizbang: Explosively Unique... (1651) details
21.The Washington Monthly (1540) details
22.BLACKFIVE (1537) details
23.the evangelical outpost -- Culture, politics, and religion from an evangelical worldview. (1370) details
24.ScrappleFace (1353) details
25. (1346) details
26.Dean's World - - (1331) details
27.La Shawn Barber’s Corner (1312) details
28.Crooks and Liars (1302) details
29.Jihad Watch (1244) details
30.Cox & Forkum Editorial Cartoons (1228) details

How many of these are run by professional writers or those who must write to maintain their position in academia? Nearly all of them. New Paradigm? Hardly. Let's face it friends, unless you're already a published writer or have a law or political background, you'll be hard pressed to ever get a link from any of them. They link among themselves almost exclusively. You are Thersites to their Greek demigodhood. Does that discourage you? It certainly can, but should you stop blogging because of their monopoly of internet opinion? No, but it might be better to give up the hope of a link. Concentrate on honing your skills and expertise in your subject area. It might be possible to get a link someday, just don't expect one. Also, just because you don't get a link doesn't mean they don't know your name. If you continue to post and comment, someone else may notice you.

It's definitely more difficult to continue blogging when it seems you are posting for no one but yourself. What do you want? An occasional link from the giants or will you be satisfied with a smaller but loyal readership? That's the question all bloggers must eventually answer. And I don't have that answer yet.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Disney Anti-Gun Bias

Honey Girl was watching Disney Channel before her nap and a preview for the DNC movie Cadet Kelly was being shown.

Now, I haven't seen the movie and cannot - unlike a "Liberal/Leftist" - comment on the story or what happens in it. I can however mention that one scene shown concerns the activities of the military school's drill team, which of course involves rifles. Nowhere else in the clip was any editorial content visible or audible - except in the drill team scene. "No real guns were used in the movie" it said. Why? Is there something so horrible about someone seeing a gun, or handling a gun, or using a gun? Not in the minds of free men and women, but those who fear freedom will apparently get the vapors if the possibility exists that someone might actually touch or use a real weapon.

I suppose that's the current demographic for the Disney product these days. Wish upon a star, no one is ever hurt or dies, and there's no evil at all in the world, just poor misunderstood good guys. Too bad for them it's not true. Of course that's probably not how Walt saw the world, but Walt ain't around, his company is run by accountants. In their defense we know that Disney wants to sell to everyone, so they believe they cannot offend anyone, except that by telling cotton candy stories they don't let anyone see the truth of the brutal existence of modern life.

The truth is that a revulsion for firearms does nothing to protect anyone from evil. Guns in truth protect our society, no amount of sensitivity toward those who mean you ill has ever turned away violence from those who are determined to bring it to you and bring it in full.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

War Crimes In Texas!

Watch this video carefully! The Geneva Conventions have been violated by Bobby Knight! He must be punished. Oh the shame, oh the shame!!!!! The Bush Administration is responsible for this!!!!!!! Yeearrggghhh!

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Arlington Cemetery And The Differences Between US

Reposted from last December:

I've received many hits at Ah, Shoot! looking for this story. People are still searching for information about it, so I decided to repost as commenter Mel directed me to a new website, Wreaths Across America. It appears that Worcester Wreath is expanding their program to other cemeteries and veterans monuments across America. Visit the website and see if there's a location in your area.

From Michelle Malkin. There has apparently been a tradition started at Arlington Cemetary that has a company in Maine supplying wreaths to decorate various sections of the graves. At the end of the post she posted an e-mail from a reader that said "Thanks for posting the photo of the wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery. Your readers may be interested to know that these wreaths -- some 5,000 -- are donated by the Worcester Wreath Co. of Harrington, Maine. The owner, Merrill Worcester, not only provides the wreaths, but covers the trucking expense as well. He's done this since 1992. A wonderful guy. Also, most years, groups of Maine school kids combine an educational trip to DC with this event to help out. Making this even more remarkable is the fact that Harrington is in one the poorest parts of the state."

I thought it would be interesting to find out more about this selfless owner. I searched for the Worcester Wreath Company and stumbled on this article by Dorothy Brush of the Crossville Chronicle of Crossville Tennessee in 2004. It told of her search for the Worcester Wreath Co. "In 1998 I saw a tiny item in Yankee magazine telling about a wreath company in Maine that had been making and sending wreaths to Arlington since 1993. It was their way of recognizing hero veterans. My reaction was there had to be more to the story. The name of the company was given so I dialed directory assistance. The operator said there was no Worcester Wreath Co. listed in Harrington, ME. Was there a listing for the Blue Bird Trucking Co, I asked. The answer was no...." Well, it looks like the story about the selfless donations was nothing but an urban myth. Another great story that didn't pan out. But then I read further..."but then she added there was a Blue Bird Ranch. I called that number, and the man who answered the phone was able to give me the number for the wreath company." Whoa! Maybe the story is true. I read the rest of the story and it agreed with the e-mail from Michelle's reader. Unfortunately, the story by Brush doesn't indicate that the area is poverty stricken, it looks like the volunteers came from the Washington DC area. Still, it shows that some people will be generous with time and materials for something worthwhile such as honoring our fallen soldiers. Time, talent, and treasure given for something beyond self by those who aren't considered opinion leaders or intelligent. No, those people wouldn't waste time honoring heroes, they spend their time here.

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If You Hear Something, Investigate

Updated: Hmmm, multiple helos hovering in the area. None were lifeflights. Wonder if the accident was a hit and run?

I was setting here prepared to write a screed a few minutes ago and heard a thump from outside. It wasn't close to the house, but it wasn't far either. Sounded like a fender bender at the nearest intersection about half a block away.

I thought, oh well, someone's crunched.

A few minutes later I heard a siren. After the fire department responded I went outside to take a look.

Motorcycle and car with body in the intersection.

Strangely I heard the sound of the car, but not the motorcycle. Too bad I didn't investigate earlier. The FD has a station less than a mile away. Had I checked out the sound right after hearing it, I could have had the FD here in minutes. I don't hold out much hope of the cycle rider in any cycle/car accident. I hope my delay didn't cause someone to lose their life. Next time, check out any sound you hear, I know I will.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Mmmm...Another Pointy!

What's the use of having a battle rifle without a bayo? With the correct bayonet, you complete the circle. You have your total package, a long range and a short range tool of freedom.

I checked out the price of bayonets for the '03 Springfield at the last gun show in town and suffered sticker shock. Over $200 for the correct model for the venerable M1903. That's a bit more than I wanted to pay and I decided to check out other sources. I did find one for around $100 without a scabbard. I purchased it from the buyer.

At first glance a bit of rust and a sticky release were the only things I could see that needed some care. I took some mineral spirits to the handle and it cleaned up rather well. It did help me notice that at least one of the grips was a replacement.

As you can see on the top grip, the cutout is done poorly, it's obviously a hand tool job. Also, the grain doesn't match the lower grip. They do fit together well and I think the outside work was at least done by a skilled hand. The inside probably wasn't as much of a concern as it would hardly be seen. I'm not going to complain about the replacement as the rifle itself has many WWII replacement parts on it anyway.

Once I removed the grips the rust inside showed itself. It wasn't really much and I removed it easily with a mineral spirit wash and some 0000 steel wool. The release was full of cosmoline and once it was removed it worked flawlessly.

Even though the bayonet and rifle dates don't match I'm happy with the end result.

I'm happy, but I'm sure there are others who won't be as happy if they find themselves on the business end....

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


This will surely frighten many tonight!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Carnival Of Cordite!

The latest issue of the Carnival Of Cordite is up at Spank That Donkey.

Cheap Euros Whine, Complain About Peking Games Schedule Changes

The Enemy Press AP reports in the Short Pants Media USA Today that "The European Broadcasting Union protested the IOC's decision to hold some Olympic swimming and gymnastic finals during the morning at the 2008 Beijing Games." It seems that NBC, who purchased the rights for a series of Olympic Games, requested the time changes so that certain events would be broadcast in prime time in America.

Unfortunately for the whiny Euros, it means their broadcasts would take place late at night. Instead of vigorously defending the current schedule, they take the increasingly predictable European way and cry about it. "The EBU said it told the IOC the decision meant 'viewers in Europe as well as the vast majority of the global TV audience will be disadvantaged.' (sob....) The EBU describes itself as the largest professional association of national broadcasters in the world, with 74 active members in 54 countries of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and 44 associate members in 25 other countries. It negotiates broadcasting rights for major sports events on behalf of its members and operates the Eurovision and Euroradio networks." OK then, the size of your broadcasting area and members should determine when events are held?

Back in the real world, we know the only size that matters to the IOC is the size of your wallet. The Corpus Christi Caller-Times reports another Enemy Press AP story about the proposed schedule changes and we get a little bit more info about the participating wallets, er, broadcasters. "NBC paid $3.5 billion to televise the five Olympics from 2000 through 2008. That's more than double than what is contributed by the next biggest rights holders, in Europe, and a compelling reason for the IOC to go along with a few of NBC's requests." A few of NBC's requests. Not all of them. "In fact, NBC also wanted more track and basketball at prime time in the United States, but the IOC decided track and field finals, except for the marathon, will be held at night, while the men's basketball gold medal game will be in the afternoon." See, the whole Olympics Movement wasn't ruined because money talks. They weak Euros only make references to tradition when it suits their argument. Too bad for them, but money trumps all traditions when it come to the IOC.

We can get an idea of the differential in payment to secure broadcast rights for various countries. Canada, a nation of approximately 33 million people, paid $45 million dollars to broadcast the Peking Olympics, according to CTV. Australia seems set to pay over $130 million to broadcast the 2010 Winter Games and the 2012 London games for a country with a population of over 20 million people. The US population has just gone over 300 million and NBC paid $3.5 billion as seen above. Europe on the other hand has a population of over 700 million yet paid a measly $750 million for the same rights as NBC, according to the Sidney Morning Herald.

These actions are symptomatic of the decline of the once great civilization there. They moan and complain about things yet never seem to take action themselves to do anything about it. Don't like the changes? Pony up more money. The Euros see themselves as some kind of Khrushchevian colossus that will economically rule the world. Too bad many of them don't seem to want to give up their leisure to, you know, actually work. You want the benefits of the Olympics, you gotta pay for 'em.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's Official: Enemy Press AP Considers Bloggers "Journalists"

New York City's 1010 WINS reports on the death of a "journalist" for anti-American leftist (redundancy alert) Indymedia who was covering other leftists' violent protests against the probably corrupt government of the Mexican state of Oaxaca, according to the Enemy Press AP.

We're not going to go into the details, as they are sketchy, and the possible doings of the victim are not of concern here. The death of any American is to be regretted, whether the victim is a political compatriot or not. The thrust of this commentary is the bald statement by the Enemy Press AP - in their headlines for their stories for this incident and throughout the stories - that an Indymedia contributor is considered to be a journalist. Does this mean that the AP now believes that all bloggers/contributors to websites - either bloggers who cover local activities or contributors to sites such as Hot Air - to be legitimate journalists who must now have all protections that newspapermen and broadcast reporters have?

Considering their track record, most likely not. It fits their agenda to proclaim the victim as a journalist to further their claims that journalists are under attack by governments everywhere. Witness their lies about Bilal Hussein, terrorist sympathizer and AP associate who has been detained by Coalition forces since this spring for his ties to murderers in Iraq.

No, the Enemy Press AP is using the death of this man to push their own warped view of journalism on society. They seek to redefine journalist to suit their anti-American agenda. They want to use terrorists as stringers, they seek to demoralize America, they desire turmoil and tragedy without end in the Middle East and elsewhere to give themselves a soapbox with which to demonize America, Israel, and those countries who believe in freedom. Fortunately the blogosphere exists to expose these haters. Now that the Enemy Press AP has accorded journalist status to us, let's run with it and expose them for what they are: The Enemy Press.

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Clark County Shooting Park Breaks Ground

Last Saturday a groundbreaking ceremony was held at the site of the soon to be Clark County Shooting Park. Approximately 200 people attended including Senator Harry Reid, who is responsible for acquiring the land for Clark County, and other local dignitaries, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

"'This has been a team effort, and I am so happy to have been part of this team,' Harry Reid said. 'This is going to be another part of Nevada's uniqueness, the greatest shooting park, not in the United States, but in the world.'" According to the Shooting Park website, the first phase of construction is scheduled to begin in November with the initial construction completed by January 2008. The initial areas to be open will include "30 site Host Area with full RV hook ups, concert pads and shade covers. Known Distance Archery Range with 16 different distances out to 90 meters. Suitable for all points. Covered firing area, shade ramadas, night lighting, and a 1,500 square foot classroom with restrooms. Shotgun Center with a 5,000 square foot building (cafeteria, pro shop, security room, manager’s office, 50 gun locker storage area). 24 combo trap and skeet fields, 3,000 square foot storage building, 12 shade ramadas, 96 full hook up RV sites with 50 amp service, and lots of parking. Hunter Education Center with a 4,000 square foot education building (seats up to 90 people, restrooms, two offices), two simulated hunting field courses, shotgun range, 20 point pistol range to 50 yards, 10 point rifle range to 100 yards, 10 point archery range to 90 meters. All firing points are shade covered, two shade ramadas, and night lighting. Public Rifle/Pistol Range: 3,000 square foot building (pro shop, convenience store, restrooms and 30 seat classroom). Shaded firing points, 30 points out to 50 yards, 15 points out to 100 yards, and 15 points out to 200 yards (60 points total), shade ramadas, safety control tower, target frame holders at 50 foot and 3, 7, 15, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, and 200 yards, shade ramadas and night lightning (sic)."

The park will eventually include an area for mounted Cowboy Action Shooting and a high power rifle range of 1200 yards. The need for a public shooting range has been discussed for years in the Las Vegas Valley and now seems to be headed to fruition. There are private ranges in the area, however, many of them have steep membership fees and are limited to 200 yards. This park will make outdoor shooting available to those in the valley who now use the increasingly populated open desert for target shooting and plinking. The County Shooting Park will also be aiming to host national and international shooting events, and plans to be a high quality destination for those who enjoy the shooting sports. Once completed, the park will rival, if not surpass, the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Arizona. The Clark County Shooting Park will actually be larger than Ben Avery.

As target shooting gains in popularity and people are reasserting their rights to self defense, a public range in Las Vegas is now a necessity. A large, well run facility such as this will help people learn the skills needed to safely handle their firearms and it will bring many hours of family enjoyment to those already involved in shooting sports. If the park is built out to plan, all residents and visitors to Clark County and Las Vegas will have access to the best facility in the nation, if not the world.

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Received my '03 back from the CMP yesterday. The new bolt is securely in place. It's green. Green. That would be olive drab green. OK, I know that many of our military rifles were OD parkerized, but my Greek return rifle has a black finish. It doesn't quite look good mismatched like that. Any ideas how to match it up? Something an amateur can do without too much cost. I also don't want to have to buy equipment to refinish as I don't expect to do anything like this again.

Of course I could always camo paint the...blech.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Gun Show Goodness....

OK, so I hit a local gunshow today and although I didn't get what I wanted, I did pick up some stuff I needed.

No gun this time, but I did finally pick up a real range bag. I've been using a softsided laptop/briefcase bag until now. I bought a nylon and vinyl rig made by Kickin' A Packs 'N Stuff. I have the medium sized MD version. $25 plus tax.

I have open carry available to me but I have no plans to do so, unless conditions require it - natural disaster, hippies freaking because the Dems lose the election and so on. That said, I can't just carry around a gun in a box whenever I go out in the desert to shoot. At the last gun show I acquired a little nylon job for the Bulgy Mak for $10. I wanted one for the .357, but the stock was gone. The same vendor was at the show today and I was able to get a matching one for the Smith. Now I guess I can keep both guns on my hip when I'm out shooting.

The last item was a sling for the K31. It's a used leather sling dating from 1945. My rifle was manufactured in 1948 so at least it's close. And, it's the correct sling for the rifle. $13 and no tax.

I didn't even buy any ammo!

Of course I didn't just go in, buy these three items and leave. I came prepared to buy a bayonet for my 03 Springfield. Ouch! I shoulda bought one when I bought the Springfield, they were going for around $80 then, I couldn't find one for less than $200 today!!! Guess I'll start haunting Ebay again. I know I let a few get away from me because they were up to the $100 mark and I was expecting to pay $80. Guess I'll have to up my price level. Looks like the Swiss bayos are even pricier.

As usual the same old junk was there as well as guns. Very few guns in relation to the number of tables. Seemed to be a few more Winchesters about but without the prices of yore. Most were around the $650 mark and there were a few near $500. Still too rich for my blood, but interesting nonetheless. Only saw one unf&*%@! up Krag and it was going for a grand. All the rest were Bubba'd. If there's a hell, it's certainly reserved for those who butcher a fine firearm. Oh yeah, that table full of Garands and Carbines made an appearance again. Still didn't see anyone buying one....

Just because I wasn't in the market for a firearm doesn't mean I didn't fingerprint any. I looked to see if I could find a companion to the Bulgy Mak and found only two. Both were priced over what I paid for mine. Didn't look any better either. Most of the old classics were overpriced too. I spied a Heritage Rough Rider and saw it was tagged $175. The MSRP for that model is only $160. The seller had a Ruger Single Six as well, so I was able to compare the feel. He had it priced at $345. Now I know about Ruger quality compared to an off brand, but the Rough Rider didn't feel that much lighter than the Ruger. Had I been ready to buy, I think I'd give the Rough Rider a chance, but not as his price. Recently I've been reading about the German P38 sidearm so I took a look around for one. There was only one wartime model, the other two I found were modern. Too much for my pocket.

Speaking of too much for my pocket.... I passed a dealer packing up her trinkets and noticed a couple of 1911s. Yeah, can't afford one of those, but took a look anyway. Oh, how I wish someone would have dropped a wallet full of money right in front of me! I saw a very good Colt dated 1917. The finish was about 30%, but it looked good, it looked real good. What a curse to be poor! $1495. The woman was willing to make a deal, but I doubt if Sexy Girl would let me trade Honey Girl for a gun. Even a beauty such as that Colt! My only child for a gun? You know.... I reluctantly put down the gun and moved away with tears in my eyes.

How could anything else top that? Well, nothing could so I made my way towards the door. I got what I needed anyway so no loss. Such is the life of a gun owner.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

And There Was Much Rejoicing....

In regards to this post below, I made a decision to send my Springfield back to the CMP in hopes that a new bolt could be found to solve my headspace problem. Imagine my joy when I opened this e-mail yesterday:

Mr. G
Our armorer Mr. T B has asked me to tell you that he has replaced the
bolt in the rifle with another and it has excellent headspace now on our
field gauges and tight headspace on our no go gauge. Do you want the rifle
now sent back to you or did you want them to do a refund on it as there is
not another one to exchange it for?.

Customer Relations Manager
CMP South

So, I responded, no, I think I'll pass...yeah right! Next weekend: Bang!

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Jackbooted Thugs Raid Anti-Illegal Immigrant Candidate

The offices and a residence of a staffer for Republican Congressional candidate Tan Nguyen were "raided" by California authorities, according to the Enemy Press Washington Post. This raid was the result of complaints concerning a letter sent to over 14,000 Spanish speaking residents of Orange County where Mr Nguyen is running for the seat held by extremist Democrat Loretta Sanchez.

This story is a follow up to the post found below. It appears that the letter was sent under a false name, California Coalition for Immigration Reform. The group denies knowledge of the letter. Nguyen "a Vietnamese immigrant trying to unseat a popular Democratic incumbent, has acknowledged his campaign sent the letter, which wrongly said immigrants could be jailed if they voted. He blamed an unidentified staffer whom he said he has fired." That being the case then, provided Nguyen is being truthful, the offending person has been removed from the campaign and Nguyen has no duty to withdraw.

Others, of course, don't see it that way. Unfortunately for conservatives in California, many of them are so-called Republican leaders. In fact, in their rush to appear to be even handed towards everyone, they end up spouting foolishness about "civil rights" and "voter intimidation." The Post notes "State and federal officials have been investigating the mailing for possible violations of election or civil rights law. It is illegal to use threats to try to dissuade anyone from voting." Anyone? Do they mean even those who have no right to vote? Perhaps. How is informing someone that they are not entitled to vote a violation of election or civil rights laws? The answer is, it isn't. The letter was a crude attempt to stop illegal voting, the apparent centerpiece of the campaign. It failed, and blew up in the candidate's face because of factual errors and the fact the letter purported to come from an organization it didn't. It would have been better if the Nguyen campaign used direct mailers to all voters or billboards to get his point across. The handling was wrong, the message is correct. Vote fraud is a serious concern. Every fraudulent vote cancels a vote that a citizen is privileged to cast to make his or her views known. If attempting to suppress voter turnout is a crime, then all the news media who publish false polls or polls weighted to get the results they want should have been imprisoned long ago.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Candidate Crosses Line: Tells Illegals They Can't Vote

Orange County and other California GOP brass are calling on one of their candidates to withdraw from a race because of what's being characterized as an "obnoxious and reprehensible" letter to "Hispanic voters," according to the Joplin Globe and the Enemy Press AP.

Apparently a letter was sent to "an estimated 14,000 Democratic voters in central Orange County." The letter is said to have been written in Spanish and states "'You are advised that if your residence in this country is illegal or you are an immigrant, voting in a federal election is a crime that could result in jail time.'" Of course we can't be sure if that's the correct translation of the letter, remember, this is the Enemy Press AP we're talking about. If however the translation is correct, what exactly is wrong with informing illegal aliens that they have no right to vote? Well, nothing really, but that didn't stop the predictable backlash against the candidate, Tan Nguyen. (What?! It wasn't a white guy???!!)

Of course to assume that all illegal aliens speak Spanish or are of Hispanic heritage is patently ridiculous. However, a large majority of those in California are Spanish speaking and of Hispanic heritage therefore to send out a letter in Spanish would more likely be effective than sending a letter in Ebonics. Still, the letter should never have been sent. It's insulting to Spanish speaking citizens to lump them in with those who are in a criminal state of residence in America.

Too bad that the Republican hierarchy went overboard in their condemnation. Even the Democrat incumbent didn't get as outraged as the GOP Mahouts. "In an interview Thursday morning, Sanchez said she had never spoken to Nguyen because her campaign didn't see him as a threat to her re-election. "'If it is in fact this guy (who sent the letter), the most disgusting and saddest thing about it is that it comes from another immigrant,' said (Loretta) Sanchez, a congresswoman born in the U.S. to Mexican parents whose 1996 election signaled Orange County's increasing diversification." A calm, measured response. Not so from the candidate's own party. "County Republican Chairman Scott Baugh, however, said that after speaking with state investigators and the company that distributed the mailer, he believes Nguyen had direct knowledge of 'obnoxious and reprehensible' letter. He told the AP that the party's executive committee voted unanimously to urge Nguyen to drop out of the race against Democratic U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez." The state's GOP chairman said, "'If it is proven that a candidate was responsible for this action, that candidate is clearly not fit to serve the people of California and should withdraw immediately from his or her race,' California GOP Chairman Duf Sundheim said in a statement."

OK, Duffer, enlighten us to how Nguyen is not fit to serve if a letter goes out under his name, whether he approved it or not, informing illegal aliens that they have no right to vote? Seems that kind of candidate is more fit for public office than those who currently refuse to stem the tide of illegal immigration and assents to the demands of criminals to effect our sovereign rights.

To be sure, this refusal to do anything also leads to active collusion with criminals. The story also indicates that "Complaints about the letters this week prompted a state probe, and a spokesman for California's attorney general said investigators had been questioning people in Orange County." Questioning people about what? Are you an illegal? Doubtful, most likely the investigation was to root out those who believe that illegal aliens have no rights to suffrage. Here's more: "U.S. Justice Department spokeswoman Cynthia Magnuson said the department's civil rights division was investigating in coordination with the state attorney general's office." What bloody civil rights have been violated by informing people that they are not allowed to vote if they are not citizens? Are these people crazy? Are they paid off by the illegal alien lobby? Are they actively working to undermine the rights of those who are citizens for votes down the road? To see this kind of reaction to someone who may have a point about our voting rights is the true outrage. Thugs and criminals now seem to control the government of the Golden State. They refuse to pass laws for the public good and spend their time coddling and protecting criminals. If anyone opposes them, they use their office and the media to demonize and silence those who would remain free. They are villains impure and simple. Not one of the current crop of elected state officials seem to remember they are there to serve and protect the legal and free citizens of the state, not to pander to criminals. They are the true "obnoxious and reprehensible" things in that state.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Carnival Of Cordite!

The latest edition of the Carnival Of Cordite is up at Spank That Donkey.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Damn Sick And Tired...

Of all the political crap going on. I believe this may become only a guns and Second Amendment blog soon. I have a new site on Townhall and may begin posting all social and political commentary there. If I do this, expect the blogspot Ah, Shoot! posting to slow considerably.

Unfortunately shooting seems to be something that gets less attention from me as open range seems to be going the way of every other good thing in the country. I don't have the time or access to shooting areas as many others do, so I won't be posting as often. Once the Clark County Shooting Park becomes a reality, then things may change. Please keep checking in, but most posts will now be on Ah, Shoot! at townhall.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Losing Open Range

Some people can't or won't join a range. Many are prohibitively expensive or have onerous membership rules and regulations. For many shooters, there are certain states that allow shooting on government land.

A favorite shooting spot in Parts Unknown has just been shut down. No one has been shot, no crimes have been committed and the area is open desert with no redeeming factors. However, while trying to access the area today, I found a large number of "Area Closed" signs. The informal shooting range has been closed down. "For Environmental Protection" the signs said. And what should be attached to the signs? A BLM logo. There is nothing in that area that's worthy of protection or is scientifically significant. The area is desert. The same desert that is all about in the valley.

So, did fringe environmentalists successfully lobby the government - or threaten the government - to shut down the area to protect some little bug? No way of knowing. A clue did surface however as I continued cruising the area looking for a place to shoot. There was an "Available" sign found out in the middle of nowhere. Yes, someone apparently acquired the rights to the property and so has effectively shut down the area. How one goes about acquiring BLM land is no mystery. But the area in question is far enough from the highway that it's inconceivable that someone would buy it for any useful purpose.

Of course I could call the number of the seller and find out more info, but I don't believe it would result in a very friendly call for him. We seem to be gaining gun rights throughout the country, but also seem to be losing places to shoot. So many areas are being opened up for development that open range is disappearing at an alarming rate. Soon we'll be told we can own anything we want, we just can't shoot it....

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another UN Attempt At Internet Control

The NY Sun posts a piece from former FCC commissioner Harold Furchtgott-Roth concerning internet governance. It appears that the Commerce Department and ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) have agreed to continue the oversight of the internet for at least three more years.

Of course the genocidaires at the Turtle Bay Tyranny Society will be very angry at that. "Ironically, but not coincidentally, later this month the United Nations will convene for the first time the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), in Athens. That forum will look at a wide range of Internet governance issues that may not closely align with the views of either the American government or Icann." Sounds benign doesn't it? Nobody wants a crazy quilt of rules and regulations governing internet access. However, the blood stained hands of the usual suspects will be in attendance.

Most people don't care who "governs" the internet as long as their naughty pix and videos are still available. Considering the whole history of UN attempts to seize control of the latest way for people to communicate, everyone should be concerned. The rotten fruit of all UN ventures should be a warning. The thugs and murderers who belong to that organization would love to have it control the internet. Access to free information would be stifled. No matter what high flown rhetoric is put out, the free exchange of ideas would be gone. Information showing the true faces of the evildoers who oppress many countries would be unavailable. Uncounted numbers of people would be thrust into darkness. Banning or severely restricting access serves no one but killers. Unfortunately for America, those are exactly the people who would control the internet. Let's hope our government stays strong and refuses to surrender its oversight.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Carnival Of Cordite!

This week's edition of CoC is up at Spank That Donkey!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Misha Hacked?

Tried to visit the Rott today and saw a placeholder site. Hacked by his enemies?

Friday, September 29, 2006

Something Funny....

A Newfie decides to travel across Canada to see the Pacific Ocean. When he gets to Nanaimo, he likes the place so much that he decides to stay.But first he must find a job.

He walks into the MacMillan-Bloedel office and fills out an application as an 'experienced' logger. It's his lucky day. They just happen to be looking for someone. But first, the bush foreman takes him for a ride in the bush in the company pickup truck to see how much he knows.

The foreman stops the truck on the side of the road and points at a tree. "See that tree over there? I want you to tell me what species it is and how many board feet of lumber it contains." The Newfie promptly answers, "It's a Sitka spruce and contains 383 board feet of lumber." The foreman is impressed. He puts the truck in motion and stops again about a mile down the road. He points at another tree through the passenger door window. and asks the same question. This time, it's a bigger tree of a different class. "It's a Douglas fir and has 690 board feet." says the Newfie.

Now the foreman is really impressed.The Newfie has answered quickly and got the answers right without even using a calculator! One more test. They drive a little farther down the road, and the foreman stops again. This time, he points across the road through his driver side window. "And what about that one?" Before the foreman finishes pointing, the Newfie says, "A Yellow cedar, 242 board feet."

The foreman spins the truck around and heads back to the office. He's a little teed off because he thinks that the Newfie is smarter than he. As they near the office, the foreman stops the truck and asks the Newfie to step outside. He hands him a piece of chalk and tells him, "See that tree over there. I want you to mark an X on the front of that tree." The foreman thinks to himself, "Idiot! How does he know which is the front of the tree?"

When the Newfie reaches the tree, he goes around it in a circle while looking at the ground. He then reaches up and places a white X on the trunk. He runs back to the foreman and hands him the chalk. "That is the front of the tree," the Newfie states, cocksure. The foreman laughs to himself and asks sarcastically, "How in the hell do you know that's the front of the tree?" The Newfie looks down at his feet, while moving the toe of his left boot clockwise in the gravel, replies, "Cuz someone took a shit behind it."

He got the job.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

US Government Sentences Runaway Teen To Island Prison

The Enemy Press AP reports in the (Extremist) Democrat & Chronicle of Rochester NY, that a teenaged son of a Cuban American used his dad's credit card to buy a ticket to Cuba to live with his biological mother - who apparently doesn't have custody. The father, Alfredo Diaz wants the US Government to work for his return.

Of course we can expect the illegitimate thug government of Cuba to immediately go into the home of his mother, guns drawn, ready to take him to the nearest US interest section of some third party embassy, right? Hey, look, donuts! We know the truth, but at least our government will work for the return of the child....

Well, no. "The teen has lived with his father in the United States for six years. The elder Diaz said his ex-wife agreed to let their son come to this country. Diaz said U.S. authorities told him they cannot help because his son traveled to the island voluntarily to live with his mother, and because the father has no written proof of custody." Can't help but shake your head at that. There's no proof that Elian didn't come voluntarily either, but armed men under the direction of our illustrious former attorney general invaded an American home to forcibly remove a child and send him to a slave state. The fact that the child has legally resided here for six years seems to mean nothing to whomever it is that decided to not help an immigrant. The "authorities" are never named, but I wonder if it wasn't someone in the Justice Department but someone in the "always side with the enemy" State Department who refused help to a free man in deference to a dictatorial regime?

Hopefully things will work out in the end as the father indicates that the child was angry because of failed ballot box stuffing for a school government race.... Hey, wait a minute, this kid sounds like a leftist, maybe Cuba should just keep him....

All levity aside, does anyone think that the thug government of Cuba won't try to use this story to their advantage as they did with Elian Gonzalez? If Diaz does regain his son, expect that some money or other consideration will have to be paid to get him back to freedom. Perhaps we can trade Jimmy Carter for him?

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Makarov Explosion!

Only twenty seven parts. That must be including the magazine. Let's begin at the beginning shall we?

I've shot my Bulgy Mak three times so far. Each time I've had failures to fire. The worst ammo of the lot was Norinco Commie crap. Yeah, I know the Peoples Liberation Army makes money on all Norinco products, no matter what people say. But that was the only ammo available on a Sunday, unless I wanted to spend $20/50 for Federal.

The ftf rate was about 25%. I've also tried Wolf ammo, it also had some failures, but maybe only 10%. The best ammo I've put through the gun so far is Silver Bear hollowpoints. One box of fifty, no failures. I guess that proves the old adage, you gets what you pays for. Better ammo, better performance.

S'w'anyway, I thought it was about time to detail strip the old girl. The serial number of the piece dates to the early eighties and I wouldn't be surprised if it hasn't been detail stripped since the last Bulgarian soldier or policeman serviced the weapon. The ftfs might be caused by dirt as well as the ammo, so I downloaded a takedown schematic and set to it.

Indeed, it was rather easy to take apart. In fact, so easy, I should have known it wouldn't be so easy to put back together. wasn't.

Well, not really, only the sear. The Makarov is an amazing all steel gun, the fact that it has so few parts makes it easier on those with little firearms experience to feel as if he can service it himself. The gun is simple to disassemble, you can practically do it with just the takedown tool and your fingers. A pair of needlenose pliers works a tad bit better than your finger however. It must have been my eagerness to try a detail strip that led me off into the adventure of swearing and yelling that would characterize the reassembly. After a good spraying of Breakfree and some swabbing, the gun was cleaned and oiled. I bought a replacement firing pin and recoil spring from the good folks at and was planning to set them in, but I decided to wait on the pin as it is placed in the top of the slide and can be changed without major disassembly. I did replace the recoil spring with a 19lb spring instead of the standard 17lb one to try to lessen the blowback stress on the gun. After I test fire the Mak, I'll decide whether to replace the firing pin.

All the parts went back in easily, except for the sear. I struggled mightily with it for about fifteen minutes, then things really went down hill. I must have gone back to the takedown instructions four times to see what on earth I was doing wrong. I finally figured out that I wasn't putting it far enough forward to fit the pin into the slot on the right side of the frame. I kept trying to put it in tilting in backwards and rocking it forward into the slot when I should have tilted it forward and rocked it backward. One good hour gone from my life! Well it didn't really take me an hour to do it, it just took that long because I kept dropping the darned thing when trying to insert it. Stupid, worthless tools, and the pliers weren't much help either!

The main spring did give me some trouble reinserting it, but I did finally get it reassembled. It seems to be working properly. At least a far as I can tell dry firing. I've decided I will not, however, do it again, for quite a long time at least.

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A Prison Of Their Own Making

Sniff, oh Boo Hoo! I think I'm gonna cry. Poor, poor "Palestinians." Imprisoned in a world not of their own making. Well, not really. Enemy Press Outlet Reuters places a sob story out in the news world concerning some UN hoodlum complaining about the just rewards for terrorism visited upon the so-called "Palestinian" people. Mind you, this blog isn't unmindful of the suffering people trapped in Gaza are undergoing. However, all you have to do to alleviate it is to stop killing people! Guess that's too hard after all these years of getting away with it.

The UN special (oh, so special) rapporteur - just call it reporter for cryin' out loud - from the former Apartheid state, now current thug state of South Africa, a certain John Dugard (a lawyer, natch) claims that all the problems faced by the people in Gaza are the fault of Israel. He said, "the suffering of the Palestinians was a test of the readiness of the international community to protect human rights. If ... the international community cannot ... take some action, (it) must not be surprised if the people ... disbelieve that they are seriously committed to the promotion of human rights," he told the United Nations' Human Rights Council." Like Darfur, right? Or the brand new UN Human Rights Council?

So first order of business is to check out the bona fides of our special rapporteur. OK, has a little story from last year about our alleged hero. Seems like he's called for the end of Israel. Well, I guess that makes him the perfect unbiased person make reports about conditions in Gaza. Of course, I kid. He's exactly the kind of person who would willingly join those who tried to eliminate Jews earlier in the last century. Would he actually do it? Maybe he'd just stamp the papers. Who knows, although he certainly is an apologist for those who would bring on a new Holocaust, UN approved no doubt.

Feel free to read the rest of the Enemy Press story, but what little I've shown should be more than enough for anyone to see exactly what's on the agenda. Demonization of Israel and the Jews. Note to those who do feel for the "Palestinians": encourage them to turn out the terrorists among them. Israel is not calling for the destruction of the Palestinian state, the Palestinian leaders must do the same - and mean it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Verdict: Marginal

Well, took the Mark I to a reputable gunsmith and was told the headspacing on the replacement bolt was marginal. The Remington replacement closed on all his gauges, go, no go, and field. He tried one of his '03 bolts and it closed on all but the field. The Smith said go ahead and shoot it, but the best thing to do would be load your own. It needs to be necked down 1/8 of an inch.

Great, now I've got to get into reloading or take a chance on splitting cases and possibly damaging the gun. I'm not sure if it would be better to shoot factory loads or go with milsurp. It would be interesting to know what powder loads the milsurp Greek HXP and the Lake City ammo available from the CMP are compared to off the shelf new Winchester and Remington.

Fortunately for me someone at work used to reload and has some spare equipment laying around. I might get a deal on them. I see a long and ever widening road ahead if I go down the reloading trail. Start with ought six for my Springer and Savage, then make my own 38s for the S&W, stumble across some dies for the Swiss, make my own Makarov loads, then become so consumed by the roll your own that I'll even load 22s!

Cost, time, and lack of workspace may save me from this affliction. Although I do believe that reloading is cost effective and fun for many, I'm still not sure whether to get into it myself. But, I'm open to trying it someday.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Duquesne Shootings And Gun Rights reports on the shooting of five basketball players from Duquesne University. The station reports that "Police said someone fired six to 12 shots with a semiautomatic weapon. Witnesses told police the shooter was described as a black man, is 5 feet 4 inches tall, and was wearing a white T-shirt at the time of the shooting."

Will there now be predictable calls for more restrictions on firearms? Of course there will. Notice however that the suspect is listed as a black male. Will those enlightened gun banners or anyone also call for blacks to be disarmed? That would be immediately, and rightly, denounced as racist. We'll see the person who actually did the crime demonized by some, and excused by others. Because the shooter isn't responsible for his act, he was forced to do it by easy access to the gun.

Previously, in a more sane time, the gun itself wasn't considered an actor in its own right. Today we see false front groups that claim to care about gun violence (Brady) or your well being (Physicians for Social Responsibility) who demonize the gun itself and seek to control your access to them. The UN is on their side with their campaign to disarm the people of the world and leave them to the evil designs of thug governments and bureaucrats (ie themselves).

Such unfortunate incidents like the University and Montreal shootings may influence people who care about apparent rising crime rates into believing that banning or restricting access and ownership of firearms will curb violence and make them safer. Many studies have shown the opposite. Castle doctrine laws and loosening of concealed carry laws have not resulted in bloodbaths or old west shootouts in the street. Those who hate your ability to have arms know this. They just don't like the fact that you can resist if and when they decide you've had enough freedom and must obey their superior wisdom. The fear of being justly removed from their positions of power and authority is the impetus for the attempts to restrict your Second Amendment rights. Rights not granted by the Constitution, but merely acknowledged as pre-existing God given rights to self defense.

Second Amendment bloggers, the NRA, the JPFO and other organizations fight a never ending battle against those who would use fear of crime and lawlessness to bully free people into confirming them into a perpetual ruling class who brook no opposition to their self arrogated divine right to rule. We must be vigilant in protecting our rights or we will someday lose them.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Unsavory Character Claims He's Fighting For Second Amendment

Fox News reports a case of a man on trial for arms violations claiming he sold "illegal machine guns" to a government agent to set up court challenge to gun control laws.

Unfortunately for Second Amendment supporters, the background of the defendant, Keith Gilbert, is full of apparent racism and murder plots. Gilbert's past will not help those who believe that most, if not all, gun control laws are unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, prosecutors are belittling the defendant's claims. "Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Friedman told jurors that Gilbert was a small-time gun trafficker whose motive was making at least a few hundred dollars from each sale. The claim that he was trying to make himself a 'Second Amendment martyr' was a surprise, Friedman told Judge Marsha Pechman. He and fellow prosecutor Andy Colasurdo quickly put together a rebuttal case, recalling four witnesses to dispute Gilbert's claims. The prosecutors argued that if Gilbert wanted to be arrested, he could simply have called police and told them to look in his basement, where he kept five of his own machine guns. 'He could have gone out there and stood on a soap box on the corner and talked about the Second Amendment. That's not what he did,' Friedman said. 'He's a firearms trafficker selling these guns for profit.'"

Strange that the government is making such a big deal about dismissing Gilbert's claims. It seems they wouldn't really have to make such a stir about it if they didn't believe that a jury would accept the defendant's views. Believe it or not, possession of machine guns is not a crime. Making your own rifles is also not a crime. Selling guns is not a crime. These acts require licenses, but are not illegal. The prosecutors are probably not telling the jury those facts. We don't know as their testimony isn't given in the Fox News story.

That's the gist of the whole Second Amendment debate. What exactly does it mean? Are any type of arms to be off limits to the people? No! The founders other writings make it quite clear that the Second Amendment exists to allow Americans to fight against government tyranny with arms if need be. Leftists and other freedom haters like the UN cannot stand against the clear meaning of the words.

Too bad for those of us who believe gun control laws are unconstitutional that we have such a poor example to uphold as a defender of our true rights. Perhaps this case will lead to something better to once and for all declare again the true meaning of the Second Amendment and rescue it from the hands of those who would do violence to it.

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An Hour Later You'll Want Another One

Enemy Press Network MSNBC reports on their rag Newsweek, that Chinese companies plan to enter the crowded US automobile market.

The cars will be sold exclusively at Wal-Mart....

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Now Here's A Plan!

Enemy Press Network CNN posted a story about non-lethal weapons being tested on Americans before being employed on the battlefield. What a splendid idea! The flyboys can attend each and every Code Pinko, Sheehan campout, and Democrat caucus and blast all of them with whatever great new weapons they have!

Imaging the joy we'll have when these America Haters dance around in well deserved pain as bursts of microwaves fry their little brains! Hee Hee! Let's add some Hippies to the mix too! Fry all our enemies and make popcorn at the same time. Sweeeeeeet!

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Proposed Enemy Surveillance Program: Let Them Kill Us First, Then Act...For Ninety Days

America will be endangered by a boneheaded plan put forth by Rep Heather Wilson, a Republican House member, and supported by the House leaders of the Intelligence and Judiciary committees, according to Enemy Press Network CNN.

Tucked into a story about Vice President Cheney attempting to push the White House plans for electronic surveillance of terrorists and terrorist sympathizers, is this paragraph: "That measure, sponsored by Rep. Heather Wilson, R-New Mexico, and endorsed by the GOP chairmen of the Judiciary and Intelligence committees, would require the administration to wait until a terrorist attack to open an electronic surveillance program.

Wait until a terrorist attack?!

Wait until a terrorist attack?!

Wait until a terrorist attack?!

What kind of idiocy is this?!! How can anyone seriously believe this is a good idea? Waiting until someone attacks is foolishness. We already have information about certain people. Why would we need to give them the opportunity to kill and maim Americans before acting? This is a dangerous precedent to set for our enemies. Giving them the freedom to act unimpeded is madness. Congress has failed for years to do much of anything about the GWOT and now, because of a few terror enabling rulings from Carter and Clinton appointees, Congress wants to set too many restrictions on how and when we can collect information about terrorist acts and gain information. What fools demand terrorists be given Constitutional or Geneva or Hague Convention protections? Congressional fools apparently!

Rep Wilson's "contribution" to the War On Terror is House Resolution 5825.

Some relevant points: "`Sec. 112. (a) In General- Notwithstanding any other provision of law, but subject to subsection (d), the President, acting through the Attorney General, may authorize electronic surveillance without an order under this title to acquire foreign intelligence information for a period not to exceed 45 days following a terrorist attack against the United States if the President submits a notification to each member of the congressional intelligence committees and a judge having jurisdiction under section 103 that--

`(1) the United States has been the subject of a terrorist attack; and

`(2) identifies the terrorist organizations or affiliates of terrorist organizations believed to be responsible for the terrorist attack.

"`(b) Subsequent Certifications- Subject to subsection (d), at the end of the 45-day period described in subsection (a), and every 45 days thereafter, the President may submit a subsequent certification to each member of the congressional intelligence committees and a judge having jurisdiction under section 103 that the circumstances of the terrorist attack for which the President submitted a certification under subsection (a) require the President to continue the authorization of electronic surveillance under this section for an additional 45 days. The President shall be authorized to conduct electronic surveillance under this section for an additional 45 days after each such subsequent certification."

That's right. Ninety days. I guess Rep Wilson has great faith that all lose ends will be tied up in ninety days. This blog has no such illusions.

Congress has a job to do here, but this type of foolishness helps no one - but the terrorists. The correct option is for Congress to legislate one time on guidelines that need approval only once. Rules and regulations for surveillance, not demanding to see all information about all those who are in need of watching. Too many times we've seen officials and staff leak sensitive information. Briefings should be left to only the House and Senate leadership, not each committee member.

It's important that Americans write their House representative and demand rejection of HR5825. Protecting America is an important job, but waiting for an enemy attack is abdication of responsibility. We cannot allow that.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Patriot Day

Five years ago today America was attacked by terrorists. September 11 of each year has been designated by Congress to be called Patriot Day.

A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America.

As we remember those who died on that day, let us also remember those patriots who came before us.


Not A Patriot


Not Patriots

Whose side are you on?

*original photo copyrights unknown

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

El Gorebrador To Name Himself Presidente Faux

Failed leftist Mexican presidential candidate Manuel Obrador is poised to declare himself the President of Mexico and set up a parallel government his supporters say, according to an Enemy Press AP story posted in The Daily Camera.

"Since Mexico's top electoral court rejected Lopez Obrador's allegations of widespread fraud in the July 2 vote, he has focused on a Sept. 16 convention where supporters will declare him leader of a resistance government." Typical leftist thought. What exactly are his "government's" plans? "...the parallel government will fight for recognition in international forums and launch street protests against free trade reforms and privatization of government enterprises. It also will set up a still-unspecified capital, form a Cabinet and set policy." Gee, sounds like a CIVIL WAR! to this blog. You know, like in Iraq, where no one has formed a "resistance government" and no insurgent groups claim to be the legitimate government of Iraq. Maybe there'll be a quagmire!

Of course this "government" is completely illegitimate, however, expect the usual groups of thugs and totalitarians to immediately "recognize" this false administration. Castro and Chavez and the Democrat Party will rush to proclaim the Obrador junta the real voice of the people. Too bad for them this new movement is destined to end in tears.

"The main question is how long Lopez Obrador can keep mobilizing his followers. His actions already have alienated many and hurt the PRD. The same election Lopez Obrador terms fraudulent was the most successful ever for his party, making it the largest opposition force in Congress." That's the sticking point for the "resistance leader." Only Obrador failed to get elected, his party won many seats and local governments. How can you be a parallel government when you are the government in many places? You can't. Eventually his supporters will see that they have power already. Obrador isn't out for power for anyone but himself. His party already can influence the direction the Mexican government takes, but his insistence that he be the leader will cause alienation among his followers when they see his intransigence gains them nothing and could cause them to lose the power they have. Megalomaniacs care for nothing but themselves and they eventually destroy those who would ally with them. All in the quest for personal domination.

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Mexican Algore Clone To Become Global Warming Advocate

Enemy Press outlet Reuters reports that Mexican failed presidential candidate Manuel Obrador is finding his supporters deserting him in massive numbers. His large street carnival/protest is quickly losing its steam as the dejected leftists either are going home or endorsing the election of the true election winner Felipe Calderon.

"The small Convergencia party, one of three groups in a coalition that backed Lopez Obrador's run for the presidency, has defied the leftist leader and recognized conservative Calderon as president. Some leftist state governors say they will work with the conservative, who beat Lopez Obrador by just 0.56 percentage points in the July 2 election." Sad news for the true believers, but that's the way it goes. They should have known that crying and lying doesn't win elections.

It's been rumored that once Obrador has taken some time off to wipe his tears, he is planning to start a shadow government cum television station to keep Mexican leftists deluded into thinking he's the true president. Also, Obrador will be making appearances throughout the third world blaming President Bush for his defeat and he will also address the moral issues of the day from a leftist perspective. It's not clear whether he will be seen passionately kissing his wife.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm Naked...

And looking for a BLO job.... Click "Continue Reading" for tasteful nude pix.

The Mark I stock was black when I picked up my CMP rifle at the Big Reno Show. My first thought was to have a professional strip the stock for me as it has no interesting cartouches to save. The stock is a WWII replacement without the usual proof marks.

I had searched a few gun boards and finally decided to strip the stock myself and use EasyOff Heavy Duty oven cleaner. I applied the cleaner three times for the whole stock, and also three applications to certain areas that stayed very dark. The cleaner worked very well for the most part, but there are still stubborn areas that won't get lighter even after six total cleanings. I decided to leave the stock alone after the last attempt as it appeared that the wood was beginning to soften around the sharper edges.

The next move will be to decide on a finish. It will probably be boiled linseed oil as I would like to keep the stock on the light side. I might consider a Danish type oil as I finished a table and some chairs from an unfinished furniture store and I liked the look of the completed set. Comments and suggestions are welcomed.