Monday, January 30, 2006

Carnival Of Cordite!

This week's Carnival is all about the venerable .45! Check it out at Resistance Is Futile.

Someone Make You Angry? Don't Get Mad, Have Fun

Posted at Babylonandon. Anyone ever try this?

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New Addition To Blogroll

Check out Raving Conservative. Posters are JimmyB from Conservative UAW Guy and Daniel Levesque.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Another Company Bows To Thugs In China

According to Fox News, Google is the latest internet company to willingly crush freedom in China in return for access and money. Ironically, Google recently trumpeted its refusal to cooperate with the Bush Administration to track down users who accessed pornography through the portal. The Washington Post has the story here.

Hypocrisy at its worst. Refusing to aid the government, even though the information requested would not have had any personal information, and willingly aiding murderous thugs in their quest to stifle freedom. Of course, they aren't the only ones, as seen below.

Well, those who oppose such actions really don't have much ability to effect change. Then, if we can't,we can ridicule them. Michelle Malkin is having a contest for "google protest logos." Have some fun, create your own and send it to Michelle. It's one way of poking murderous thugs and their friends in the eyes!

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Remember That Old Saw...

"End of world, women, minorities hardest hit?" Take a look at this.


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Kerry Tries To Filibuster, Looks Stupid...Again

Enemy Press Network CNN reports that failed presidential candidate and sometimes United States Senator JF Kerry plans to filibuster the vote for Samuel Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court. Here's the lede: "Sen. John Kerry will attempt a filibuster to block the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, CNN has learned. Kerry, in Davos, Switzerland, to attend the World Economic Forum, was marshaling support in phone calls during the day, he told CNN."

Stop laughing please. Sure, we know he's not in the US at the moment. I suppose he'll rush right back from Davos to make the vote. Well, looking at his record, maybe not. Senator Kerry, are you going to phone in your filibuster? Do you even remember your way to the Capitol building? "Senator Kerry, it's time to vote...where are you? Sgt at Arms, where is Senator Kerry? I'm not sure Senator Frist, perhaps he's somewhere else, it is his nature after all....

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Carnival Of Cordite!

The latest installment is up at Resistance Is Futile!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Human Rights Watch Declares Support For The Enemy

The Enemy Press AP ran a story saying Human Rights Watch released a report claiming the Bush Administration deliberately tortures terrorism suspects. "The human rights group based its conclusions mostly on statements by senior administration officials in the past year, and said President Bush's reassurances that the United States does not torture suspects were deceptive and rang hollow."

So in other words, the investigation only relied on hearsay evidence snipped and clipped from various statements made by members of the Administration. No direct evidence - because there isn't any - just innuendo from those who oppose this country and the freedom it represents. We have already seen that there were incidents of abusive behavior and we have also seen the perpetrators punished. There is no serious claim that implicates the President for authorizing the activities.

In its role as a propaganda mouthpiece for evildoers, the group tries to insinuate that the behavior it condemns in the so-called insurgent groups has an excuse. "In a separate report, the organization strongly criticized three insurgent groups in Iraq - al-Qaida, Ansar al-Sunna and the Islamic Army - for targeting civilians with car bombs and suicide bombers in mosques, markets, bus stations. However, the group said the abuses 'took place in the context of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and the ensuing military occupation that resulted in tens of thousands of civilian deaths and sparked the emergence of insurgent groups.'" Utter boldfaced lies. There is never any justification for any acts committed by the "insurgents." HRW hopes to make the world believe that these groups have a right to engage in murderous activities, but maybe should "tone it down a little."

"In 2005 it became disturbingly clear ," to borrow a phrase from the lovers of evil, that Human Rights Watch has engaged in apologetics for mass murderers and those who hate freedom. We can see this in the report itself. According to the Enemy Press AP story, HRW claims that "the president's repeated assurances that U.S. interrogators do not torture prisoners studiously avoid mentioning that international law prohibits cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of prisoners." How many times must it be repeated? International law doesn't apply to "insurgent" groups who hide among the populace without identifying marks! These killers are not granted, nor due anything, except summary execution. Groups like HRW are actively aiding these terrorists.

Any type of abusive behavior reported has been dealt with by the government, as it should be. The time has long passed since this issue was settled. Continued claims of this type do nothing for freedom or true human rights, they only aid the enemy.

Therefore this blog calls for President Bush or Attorney General Gonzales to order the Department of Justice to begin an inquiry into any and all officers, employees, donors and supporters of Human Rights Watch to determine whether the enemy gained any aid or comfort or advantage from the actions of HRW. This blog also calls for the Congress to initiate investigations as well. If these investigations prove that the actions of Human Rights Watch was based on anti-American politics and sympathy for the enemy, and if any laws were broken, then any and all of those involved should be tried, and if convicted, imprisoned for the duration of the War on Terror.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

All The News That Will Fit

Here's a look ahead at what will happen in the world next month. Courtesy of Atlanta Rofters.

What! I Agree With The Enemy Press And Euro Politician?

Here's the headline on an Enemy Press AP story: "Belgium PM: U.S. Relations Need More Work." Well, at least as so far as the headline goes. Junior Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, "told President Bush on Tuesday that while the United States has improved its relationship with Europe in the last year, 'there is certainly a lot of work still to do.'"

Yeah, you've got that right pal. But not quite exactly as you think. The effete Europeons are fainting on their couches from the existence of Gitmo. The idiots want court trials, court trials! for illegal combatants. The inmates are not covered under any so-called laws of war or other international agreements. The only thing that mentions them is the statement that they may be summarily executed.

I suppose that their outlook may not come from simple anti-Americanism, but something more insidious. Decades of American protection has castrated Europe. They honestly can't figure out anything on their own anymore that would require a large military effort. Sure, they can design weapons, but they lack the will to use them. Instead of opposing the liberation of over 50 million people, Europe should be on the front lines. They don't want to be on the front lines, but they have no choice, they are the front lines. Simple demographics proves it. Anyone moving to Europe who hates the freedom there is a danger to it. Will they ever realize it?

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Most Fertile Irish Male...

Wow! With a line like this in the story, "'It's another link between profligacy and power,' Bradley told Reuters.", I thought they were talking about him. But then I remembered that excessive alcohol consumption usually stunts the sex drive....

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Are Country Families Really Like This?

Here's a link to an audio file of the great and funny Ray Stevens singing "I'm my own grandpa."

I think I'll send this to Guyk and Acidman....

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Try This Quiz...

This is supposedly the citizenship test. I scored 28 of 30. One was a guess and the other was because the second one slipped my mind.

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Clark County Shooting Park Update

There has been progress in the plans for America's largest shooting park. According to the shooting park website, "The revised Round 6 SPLMA nomination was forwarded to the BLM for processing. According to BLM, our request for full funding of Round 6 has been approved. We would like to thank each and every one of our Shooting Park’s supporters who participated in the public input process. Your letters of support continue to give this project hope for successful completion." That means our letters to the BLM worked! Thanks to all those who responded to the call and let the agency know that this is a very necessary facility for the people of the area and its many visitors.

The County Board of Supervisors has contracted with an architectural firm to work on the first phase of the project. The estimated start date is in June with completion and park operations expected to begin by late 2007.

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Trackbacks Are Wonderful!

Trackbacks are wonderful things. It lets you see who's reading you. Sometimes you get linked to someone who doesn't support a position you took in a post. The woman "marries" dolphin story was linked by a Rob Berry who believes my thinking is in error. I read his post and responded in his comment section. He's never responded to my rebuttal. Either he just wants to hear echo chamber comments, or he can't refute my response. I believe it's the latter.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Carnival Of Cordite!

New Carnival Of Cordite posted at Resistance Is Futile!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

5000th Visitor!

The honor of the 5000th visit seems to go to commenter Wendy who posted today on the Arlington Wreath story. Thanks for coming by!

Monday, January 09, 2006

New Links

Two new websites have been added to the blogroll. Visit Anthroblogogy for gun goodness, and Babylonandon for sensible commentary.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 is carrying a story concerning a Chinese blogger whose MSN Spaces website was taken down. This blogger, who goes by the name of Michael Anti, had posted some stories about a walkout of journalists from the Beijing News. It appears that the News had been covering the story of the massacre of villagers protesting the government's theft of their property, as seen below.

Those controlling the Beijing News fired the editors responsible. Anti, who does some work for the Enemy Press New York Times, stated "'I posted three posts about the Beijing news and all posts and articles were deleted inside China,' Anti said. 'MSN Spaces (has) now deleted all of my articles and I have no backup and I'm very angry.'" Of course this seems like something a thug government would do, but it was an American company. America, the land of freedom and free speech. At least one person in Microsoft doesn't like it. "Robert Scoble, who holds the position of Microsoft's technical evangelist, also expressed outrage at the shutdown and said he is raising the matter with company officials. 'It's one thing to pull a list of words out of blogs using an algorithm. It's another thing to become an agent of a government and censor an entire blogger's work. Yes, I know the consequences. Yes, there are thousands of jobs at stake. Billions of dollars. But, the behavior of my company in this instance is not right,' Scoble wrote on his personal blog, which is not affiliated with Microsoft." Any bets as to how much longer Scoble is affiliated with Microsoft?

Apparently that's what it comes down to for companies, billions of dollars at stake in the China market. Too bad they don't understand that if they would stop helping out the illegal, thug government of China and it fell, there would be not billions, but trillions of dollars to be made from a newly free China. Free people buy things they don't need, oppressed people can only afford to buy what it takes to survive. The longer companies put temporary profit over creating a truly free market, and make no mistake, Western governments abet this, the longer it will take to free the people from their slave status. Money grubbed after from unsavory characters today, will cost more money from free people tomorrow.

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Israel Allows Human-Animal "Marriage"

Fox News reports that an obviously deranged British woman decided to "marry" a dolphin. Now, once gay "marriage" is regularized and promoted as right and good, it ends right? That's all they want. This isn't any type of beginning to new and more perverted forms of "marriage." This is just a one off happening. Don't fear multipartner "marriage." Don't fear adult-children "marriage." Don't fear xxx "marriage." Don't fear....

Monday, January 02, 2006

Enemy Press Network ABC Propagandizes For Iran?

Yahoo News reports a Reuters story that Enemy Press Network ABC has been given permission from the illegal government of Iran to broadcast the news, and most likely to show a sympathetic view of the murderous mullahs. News co-anchor Bob Woodruff will broadcast reports for World News Tonight from Tehran. ABC tries to pretend that Iran is a country of some worth as Woodruff gushes, "'It's one of the most important countries in the world right now. It's a regional powerhouse,' Woodruff said. 'It's a country we need to understand. It's big, it's powerful, it's wealthy, and it's right next to Iraq.'" We already understand Iran. Those of us not blinded by hatred of America and the West knows that the mullahs do not represent Iran. The people who are oppressed by the thug government represent Iran.

As this is a Reuters story we find a little historical revisionism. "Iran has been a thorn in the side of the U.S. for more than a quarter-century, ever since the U.S.-backed monarchy was overthrown and replaced by a theocratic government. Most recently, Iran was named by President Bush as a member nation of the so-called axis of evil and, despite international pressure, has refused to stop its nuclear weapons program." Well, half right is better than complete lies.... The US backed monarchy was never "overthrown," History's Greatest Monster brought down the free Iranian government.

Woodruff inadvertently lets slip the fact that ABC may indeed have promised a quid pro quo for allowing the broadcasts. "Woodruff hoped things go smoother than the last time, when he and his crew were deported soon after they arrived in Tehran because of the bureaucracy. He said they had spent extra time trying to make sure that it wouldn't be the case this time but added that there's always the chance that something could happen when they arrive." And what would that be? Showing how moderate and peace loving the Iranian dictators are compared to President Bush? Parroting the lines that Iran needs nuclear plants to generate power that its massive oil reserves can't provide? Sadly, if Dan Rather's interviews with Saddam are any indication, ABC will feel compelled, or will gladly propagandize for the regime.

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Ain't It Funny...

I've had over 400 visits this week according to sitemeter, but only two comments. I wonder how many of these "visits" are really people clicking on to the site. Quite a few hits are from search pages, although my post at All Things Beautiful has gotten a few referrals too, but no comments.

Makes you wonder how accurate sitemeter is and just exactly what it's counting....

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year, New Ammo

Eh, why not? After all, everything else is last years model!