Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What! I Agree With The Enemy Press And Euro Politician?

Here's the headline on an Enemy Press AP story: "Belgium PM: U.S. Relations Need More Work." Well, at least as so far as the headline goes. Junior Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, "told President Bush on Tuesday that while the United States has improved its relationship with Europe in the last year, 'there is certainly a lot of work still to do.'"

Yeah, you've got that right pal. But not quite exactly as you think. The effete Europeons are fainting on their couches from the existence of Gitmo. The idiots want court trials, court trials! for illegal combatants. The inmates are not covered under any so-called laws of war or other international agreements. The only thing that mentions them is the statement that they may be summarily executed.

I suppose that their outlook may not come from simple anti-Americanism, but something more insidious. Decades of American protection has castrated Europe. They honestly can't figure out anything on their own anymore that would require a large military effort. Sure, they can design weapons, but they lack the will to use them. Instead of opposing the liberation of over 50 million people, Europe should be on the front lines. They don't want to be on the front lines, but they have no choice, they are the front lines. Simple demographics proves it. Anyone moving to Europe who hates the freedom there is a danger to it. Will they ever realize it?

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