Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Big 5 Did What To My Layaway?!

When I put my k31 on layaway in December, I was told that it was good for 90 days. I decided to pick it up yesterday and went to retrieve it. As I waited for the process to begin, I wandered over to the rack and saw there was one k31 there.

I liked the one I had originally picked, but because the manager said they had another one, I felt I should at least look at it just in case it was better. Well, it was a bit better. I then asked to see mine. They didn't have any more in the back, just the one on the rack and in the box. The one in the rack was mine! They put it back in the rack! Fortunately no one had bought it.

Not very reassuring. I could have lost the one I believed had been put in storage for me.

All said, I think I was lucky. The second rifle has better wood, although with a rougher finish. There are no big gouges and no cracks. The metal on the original has some pitting on the receiver and green residue on the magazine. The second one looks pristine. Also, the serial numbers matched on this one too. It appears to have been made in 1948, so I get an older rifle in obviously better condition. The bore has strong, visible rifling. In addition, all the cosmo was cleaned off already. Less to do to make it ready for use.

Still, do they need to scare a person like that?

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