Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Carter No Different Than Extremist Democrat Leadership

Despite lies to the contrary, Jack Carter spouts the same falsehoods as the leadership of the Democrat Party. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports on Carter's campaign appearance in Carson City. "Much of his speech in both ends of the state was spent criticizing the Bush administration -- its Medicare drug plan, the response to Hurricane Katrina, the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance program, a growing federal deficit, and its justifications for invading Iraq. He did not mention Ensign by name in either speech." Of course. All he has, all the Democrats have, is criticism, not solutions.

Although Jack is the candidate, his failed president father had a large portion of the attention. "Jimmy Carter characterized the Bush administration's use of the NSA surveillance program without search warrants as illegal. He questioned how many Americans have had their rights violated. Carter signed an executive order in 1979 authorizing electronic surveillance for domestic surveillance. But on Monday, he said his provision required approval of a blue-ribbon court to conduct domestic surveillance. Allowing domestic eavesdropping was a difficult decision, but he said, 'I thought civil liberties prevailed.'" Stupidity and lies. Nothing more ever seems to come out of the mouth of History's Greatest Monster. Let's see. The intercepted conversations were from known or suspected terrorists to people in America. Were they calling a florist shop to order bouquets for their mothers? Or were they calling operatives here to plan or carry out terrorist activities? Jimmy seems to think the former.

Of course when he did it, it was right and true. Mr Carter, exactly who were you spying on? Has anyone ever determined? Were they terrorists, or innocent citizens? We'll probably never know.

They story seems to make a big deal about the attention the thankfully former president received when his terrorist loving mug appears anywhere. The only man to ever be bitch slapped out of office will spend time trying to raise money for his son's doomed effort. By the way, if, as little Jackie says, 'I want to work for Nevada,' why are you seeking money from outside the state? Because he doesn't want to work for Nevada.

He's trying to follow the footsteps of another political creature and fool people of Nevada into voting him into office. The Nevada Republican Party needs to make defeating the Carterism Cancer a top priority for 2006.

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