Monday, February 20, 2006

Setting The Stage For Osama's "Death"

Last month's Bin Laden tapes contained an apparently little noticed section where he vowed "never to be captured alive....", according to the Enemy Press AP.

Why did he make that statement now? Why not earlier? Perhaps because he is dead already and the terrorist groups are afraid proof will come out, and they want to prepare a suitable "death" for him fighting against American troops. This seems likely. This blog believes Osama is long dead, probably right after the first wave of attacks by Coalition troops. There is no evidence any of the purported tapes are of recent vintage. Referring to actions by Al-Qaida is no proof at all. They know what they've planned and can refer to it if successful, otherwise silence.

Very little recently has gone well for the terrorist thugs. They need a so-called martyrs death for their leader to try to buck up the evil spirits of their minions. Hopefully they will fail and continue to fail. Only a spectacular success akin to 911 will do. Unfortunately, if a mission is carried out we know that their brothers in the Enemy Press will gladly trumpet that success for weeks and months if necessary to demoralize America and to make America quit. Too bad the press doesn't understand that a terrorist victory means death for them as well.

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