Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Spawn Of History's Greatest Monster Carpetbags In Silver State

A sorry spectacle greeted residents of Nevada as a huge, massive turnout of over 300 people stood in a union hall in Henderson while the son of America's worst president announced he would be defeated in a bid for the US Senate. Democrats played musical chairs while the failed son of a failed president spoke.

"Perhaps some were busy trying to figure out the distracting mini-event taking place in the same room. State Senate Minority Leader Dina Titus was sitting on the stage before Carter spoke. In fact, her chair didn't fit in the neat back row of chairs, so her seat at the side of the lectern made her more a focus than Jimmy or Rosalyn. When Clark County Democratic Chair Liz Foley introduced the party's two gubernatorial candidates, Titus waved from the stage and Henderson Mayor Jim Gibson received polite applause from his position against the side wall. Shelley Berkley's campaign manager, Renee Aschoff, realized the major faux pas and gave Titus her seat on the back row. She then walked around the back of the room with a chair until she got to Gibson and encouraged him to come up on the stage. Not wanting to be a distraction, Gibson declined and, in so doing, made the whole thing a bigger distraction."

Arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. The above paragraph by columnist Erin Neff shows the disarray the state democrats are currently enjoying. As usual, the mouthpieces for failed ideologies appear to believe that they have something America wants. "The Republican Party has turned the campaign kick-off into must-see television. Picture perfect. Stylistically brilliant and, typically, little more. When Democrat Jack Carter kicked off his Senate campaign yesterday at the AFL-CIO complex in Henderson, there was enough of that formula missing to make it clear this is a campaign of substance." Considering Ensign hasn't done any campaigning yet, this doesn't make much sense. Oh, wait, Neff means all the ideas put forth by the President are nothing. Well, if true, why not articulate plans of their own instead of attacking...well, because they don't have any. Despite the blather by Neff.

More silliness: "But while pundits have universally and summarily discounted Carter's ability to beat Ensign, there was something refreshing about Monday's speech. Carter talked about the nation's shared values -- liberty, democracy, the Constitution, the rule of law, family, community and cooperation. It sounded like a Democratic platform." No, it didn't mention the extremist Democrat positions of hatred of evangelicals, confiscatory tax rates, ignoring certain amendments to the Constitution, the families broken by welfare and backstabbing. That's a Democratic platform.

Despite his lack of real answers, Carter insists that "he had the answer for a number of the nation's problems -- from Iraq to national security to health care. 'All we need is a return to our American values -- and new leadership,' the refrain of his speech went. The packed room in the Painter's Hall didn't seem to catch on that 'and new leadership' could have been a great chant line." Sorry, American values are already in use by the Bush Administration. It appears even his audience doesn't agree as they missed this supposedly great chant Neff talks about. It won't work because America has already seen what Carter "leadership" is, and soundly rejected it. Please note that JC lost every county in Nevada in 1980. Every county, including heavily democrat Clark County.

Hopefully the residents of Nevada will soundly reject this Carter too. Poor ideas from America's worst president would most likely make their way into the Senate if Jack Carter gets elected. Nevadans must send this carpetbagger back to Georgia. The cancer that is Carterism must be cut out of America for good. For America to win, Carter must lose.

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