Thursday, March 09, 2006

ACLU Tries To Aid Terrorists Again

Enemy Press Agency Reuters ran a story today concerning efforts by the Fifth Columnists at the ACLU and the Center For Constitutional Rights to demand that the courts terminate the lawful intercepts of messages and phone calls between terrorists and their operatives in America. These groups, along with many traitorous Democrats, have tried every tactic they can think of to endanger America under the guise of protecting civil rights.

The terrorist sympathizers moaned about the "Bush administration's controversial program of domestic eavesdropping, saying it violated the privacy and free speech rights of U.S. citizens." O great and honorable protectors, please show us in the Constitution where anyone has any right to commit crimes. That's right, the right to commit crimes isn't in there. Horrified that their allies might be caught and punished, these heroes hurriedly filed suit because of "indications that Republican senators were working with the White House to draft a law that would allow eavesdropping on some communications to and from the United States without a warrant."

What?! You mean Congress can make laws allowing the President to protect America? These friends of thugs and murderers are shrieking that the ability to do what the President is already lawfully doing, under his mandate to prosecute the war, might be enshrined in a specific law. All the anti-spying hysteria post Watergate caused the intelligence problems we're having today. Immediately after 911 all those laws should have been repealed. The fact that these laws might be changed now is indicative of a very lackadaisical attitude by Congress.

Unfortunately, it's likely that some freedom hating judge somewhere will probably rule for the enemy instead of America. We can never be defeated in this struggle from without. The islamist and leftist hatred has no power to defeat us. No, the seeds of defeat for this country have always been sown from within. Time after time we must continue to hammer the point home. This war isn't just for our lives, it's for our civilization and our freedom. Those who pretend to fight for it need to be beaten in no uncertain terms. The surveillance of those who mean us harm must be continued no matter where it originates.

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