Sunday, March 05, 2006

Another Gay Agenda Attack?

Headline reads "Report: Gay Prevention Programs Harm Teens." The misleading Enemy Press AP tries its darnedest to make a so-called report a work of science. The "report," which is never identified by title, apparently claims that "some Christian-based gay prevention and treatment groups have used the First Amendment protection of religion to avoid sanctions by state health officials seeking to enforce regulations on counselors who offer therapy without a license."

Nowhere in the propaganda piece is any scientific methodology presented by the author of the "report," who - surprise - is The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute. Well, it appears we must take their pronouncements at their word. No questions allowed. Of course the "report" has two thrusts (hee hee). The first is of course to always paint homosexual activity as normal and as good as heterosexual activity. America is warned that to deny the freedom to engage in any sexual behavior is hateful and bigoted, no matter what the motivation. Also hateful and bigoted activities to denigrate "anti-gay rights" people are acceptable. The second is to demand that people stop turning potential recruits back to heterosexuals. They claim in such bogus reports as this that the methods are evil and are damaging to the psyches of newly awakened gays. Of course who are the objects of this report? Why, Christians!

Christianity and Christians are the greatest danger to the Gay Agenda. Why? Can't Buddhists and agnostics and atheists be against the gay agenda too? Of course, but the one thing Christians have that no other group has is the Word. And the Word condemns homosexual activity. This they cannot abide. All they identify with is their sexual appetite and activity and the Supreme Being demands they refrain. They refuse and therefore must attack those who present the truth about their lifestyle. Witness Canada and their "hate speech" laws which forbid any condemnation of homosexual activity.

There will be plenty of apologists for the gay agenda who will demand proofs that this is what the gay agenda seeks. They have been answered before with information which contains links to proofs. Proofs they will continue to deny. As with those who demand President Bush admit mistakes, which he has by the way, they will never be satisfied until their opponents are utterly defeated. It's a sickness. A sickness that must obliterate all opposition because the existence of the truth will never allow them to be satisfied until good is evil and evil is good.