Sunday, March 12, 2006

Blind Must Take Drivers Ed

The Enemy Press AP reports more of the usual stupidity out of the oppressed city of Chicago. It seems that the poobahs of education in that benighted burg have ordered that all students take a drivers education course to graduate from the city's schools.

Of course, blind students don't need it, but apparently are taking it anyway. "'It defies logic to require blind students to take this course,' Meta Minton, spokeswoman for the state Board of Education, told the Chicago Tribune in a Friday story." But don't let something like that stop you Chicago. Well, in reality, students do have a way out, but it's not really publicized. Chicago schools spokesman Michael Vaughn "said parents of disabled students can, by law, request a change in their child's individual education plan, which could include a driver's ed exemption. But teachers and students said that is a little-known option, and that they have been told driver's ed is required to graduate."

Does anyone in government there have any sense? Probably not, or in fact, what they care about is complete control no matter how ridiculous a law may be. Witness their anti-gun laws.

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