Monday, March 06, 2006

A Crime Right In Front Of Me...

And I've got a freshly minted handgun registration in my pocket. How many times does someone buy a gun and have a crime happen nearly the same day?

Here's the story. I'm walking into a grocery store with Sexy Girl while Honey Girl is in my arms. A youngish looking guy quickly walks by with a large bottle of Vodka. Right behind him is a store employee demanding that he stop and explain where the bottle came from. "From the liquor section," the guy says. The store employee then tells him to stop as he's apparently stolen it. The guy hesitates and the employee lunges at him. He grabs the apparent thief and a struggle ensues. The bottle crashes to the ground and the thief gets free. Another employee joins the chase and the guy runs to a pickup truck and they try to take off. The truck is blocked by a passing car but eventually drives off. It appears the employees write down the license plate and return to the store.

I watch the whole thing and think: I now have a handgun permit, not concealed, but Parts Unknown allows open carry. Had I been carrying, what would my actions have been? Would I just have stood aside as I had done? With wife and kid in tow, no doubt that would be the result. What if I was alone at the time? Who knows. It may have been a felony, but it was just a bottle of liquor, nonetheless. And merely Skyy, now if it was Grey Goose... lethal force may have been in order.

Seriously, everyone who carries has these thoughts I suppose. Because I purchased my handgun for home defense, I don't really expect to carry in public. I have made the decision for my own house, but what if someone is attacked when I have my gun? Could I in good conscience do nothing? I don't see how. Still, when is it better to be a witness instead of a potential victim if I involved myself in a dangerous situation? Stumbling into a situation not knowing what really transpired could make my judgment suspect. I have no desire to use force on the wrong person. Many potential heroes have done themselves no good by intervening. I believe that unless the incident is violent with the potential for bodily harm, the best thing to do would be to be a good witness. Murder, rape, armed robbery or threats of physical violence are different. I would have to assess the situation before acting. I believe I have already made a commitment to helping others in need by buying guns. I hope never to be put into the position of deciding whether I can act on this.

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