Sunday, March 12, 2006

Deluded Dean Claims Non-Existent Credit

Wacko extremist Democrat National Committee leader Howard "Scream" Dean boasted of the Democrats derailing of the Dubai ports deal on the Enemy Press Network CNN.

The deranged Dem claimed, "'America had a great victory this week in the war on terror,' Dean said in the radio address. 'Key Democratic senators and representatives forced President Bush to give up the idea that six major American ports should be run by a foreign country. Republicans in Congress followed the Democrats' lead to demand the president change the policy.'" Sorry. Fox News exposed Dean's lies. "A senior Frist aide told FOX News that the Senate majority leader and his staff informed DP World and UAE government officials Wednesday night to pull the plug on the deal. When asked what prompted this action from Frist, the aide said the House action Wednesday night created a 'destabilized coalition among House and Senate GOP.' Just one night before, GOP-led House Appropriations Committee passed a bill blocking the deal." See that Chairman Dean? Look closely. The GOP stopped the sale, not you or the Democrats. You may have opposed it, but as the minority party, you would not have enough votes to block anything! Yes again Dean and the Democrats were caught in a lie.

On one hand Dean and some Dems opposed the ports deal and claimed it would make America vulnerable in a time of war. That's a point that should be debated, however, their recent actions show that they may only have opposed it because President Bush was for it. But you then see them moan and complain that President Bush is spying on the poor little terrorists and the friends in America.

You can't be on both sides at the same time. In their lust to rule, the Democrat party will do or say anything to get their hands on the levers of power. Those who support America will need to work hard to keep the truth about the Dems actions in the public's mind. The America Haters will have the Enemy Press on their side, the America Lovers have the truth. Truth can sometimes be obscured by false and misleading stories. It's our duty to continue to speak the truth and call the enemy on their lies.

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