Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I Am Embarrassed And Ashamed...

Of my poor shooting. Well, here's one target from this weekend. Follow the link to the rest.

I had a day free to go into the desert and blast away. I took my shotgun, Henry, and my new Smith & Wesson. You have to remember that the desert doesn't have motorized target holders, so I had to find an appropriate place to set up a backstop at fifty yards. Unfortunately for me, my little ball of twine and markers decided to become not a ball, but a tangle. Needless to say I spent a few minutes attempting to untangle it. I gave up and paced off the yardage instead as I concluded I came out to shoot, not play with string.

Soda cans make great reactive targets. I tried to buy one of the auto-reset metal targets at Wal-Mart, but no soap. That's an irritant with me because I have seen them before. I tried three different Wal-Marts and found nothing. It seems to me that Wal-Mart is quietly removing all the shooting accessories from their stores. Even the one's that do sell guns.

First up was the shotgun. We set up soda cans from 25 to 50 yards and let fly with the birdshot. Cans were blowing up all over the place. I can see why birdshot isn't the best load for home defense. Hits made pleasing displays, but after checking out the can, the pattern was very spread and the holes were small, and that was at 25 yards. A bloody mess it might make of an intruder, but would it put one down? Probably not. Next time I'll buy some buckshot and give those a try.

Dad had a go with the Henry. He hasn't shot a gun in over fifty years. We used more soda cans and shot almost a brick of .22 Winchester. We had three duds through the first half of the box. I spent some time shooting the rifle and didn't do too badly on the cans, then I set up the target. The target, as seen above, was used for two full magazines of fifteen each from the Henry. At least all of them were on the paper this time. There are a few stray .38 Special holes because the next target was taped over this one. At least I grouped the shots a little better this time compared to the last.

It was time to bring out my newest acquisition. I taped up two targets for the .357 Magnum. This was the first time I've ever shot a handgun...and boy does it show! I couldn't hit the paper for crap! I loaded it with .38 Special Winchester target fmj. I used a two handed grip. Out of twelve rounds I only hit paper six times. Two in the eight ring and one in the five. The other three outside the target. Embarrassing. The next target was a little better. Nine out of twelve on the paper. One in the nine ring, one in the seven, two in the six, and two in the five. The other three outside the target.

The magnum loads were the worst of all. The first magnum target had only five hits on the paper out of twelve shots. None of them were in the rings. On the second target I whiffed completely on the first cylinder. Not a one on the paper. I reloaded and moved up to 10 yards. I had three hits on paper, one in the six, one in the five and a third outside the target on the paper.

A seriously poor performance. The gun has an adjustable rear sight. As soon as I can get to a real gun range I can adjust them, or just keep at it in the desert myself.

Of course I can go the Democrat route and blame everything else but myself. Yeah, the gun shoots wrong. The target kept moving. The bullets wouldn't work right. It was too windy. Something kept getting in my eyes. It was Rove's doing!

Well, practice, practice, practice.

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