Thursday, March 09, 2006

Iraq Gives Terrorists Their Due

The Enemy Press BBC reports that Iraq executed 13 terrorists. The tone was surprisingly evenhanded from this anti-freedom news bureau. "The Iraqi authorities have hanged 13 people accused of taking part in the insurgency, the first execution of militants since the US-led invasion." Of course, it's not all that evenhanded as they say the terrorists were "accused of taking part in the insurgency." I guess that's the best we can expect from them.

As the free Iraqi government didn't give the names of the terrorists, except for one, we are supposed to assume that they were just suspected of taking part. No proof of course. They were probably just hanging around insurgent activities areas holding guns and stuff.

The bright side of this execution is the possibility that showing stern resolve in punishing those who perpetrate terrorist acts will see a lessening of the attacks on civilians. Swift and sure justice might turn the tide against random bombings. US Government, please take note.

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