Monday, March 20, 2006

Magic Bullet Theory

News out of Ohio could be the proof the world has been waiting for about who really killed President Kennedy! According to, a domestic disturbance was broken up at an apartment complex last week.

It seems the landlord heard a fight between a resident and her ex-boyfriend. He proceeded to fire a "warning shot" which police reported hit both the victim and suspect. Now, the story doesn't indicate whether the bullet went around any corners or stopped and backed up and started up again to strike both people, but it seems any bullet like this must have been fired by an excellent marksman.

The world may doubt the conclusions, as many important people have staked their reputations on the so-called "Oswald acted alone" theory, but we may have just identified the real gunman in that tragic incident from over thirty years ago.

Just a little note to the landlord, a "warning shot" is actually composed of three shots, two to the chest and one to the head....