Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Smith & Wesson Model 19-5 .357 Magnum

Here it is. Found hiding in the back of a display case in the far reaches of a gun shop. I originally went looking for a Taurus 65 and indeed found them there, but they were all stainless. Now don't get me wrong, I know the advantages of a stainless finish, yet the gun's purpose isn't to be flashy. In fact, the less it's seen the better. This tool is just that, a tool. A tool of self-protection.

Funny thing about the fabled .357 is its general use of the .38 Special ammo. According to this site this model is really a .38 that shoots .357 loads. Although the purchase price of $299 is something that appears to be in the market range for stainless, from what info I could find, I have no plans to sell it for something else anyway. Purchase price will amortize over the life of the gun.

As the photos show, there are some small scratches on the bluing and a wear mark where the rear of the cylinder rubs. I assume that's normal wear. The barrel seems only lightly used, the groove is clear and strongly visible. I purchased a brick of Winchester Target and Range 130 grain in .38 Special $16/100 for practice and a box of Federal 158 grain at $18/50 for business. Pricy, but I don't expect to use it often. Never in anger I hope.

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