Friday, March 03, 2006

Whither Ah, Shoot!?

Vacations. Wonderful, marvelous things. Make you feel rested. They let the brain relax. Gives you a chance to think about other things. Daily life is changed. Family is the focus. Forget about the world. Out of touch with the news. That's the problem.

You see, I'm basically a political person. I believe that the person who has no interest in politics is worse than those who don't agree with my positions. An Idiot. The Greeks consider someone uninterested in politics an idiot. The Greek meaning isn't stupid, or mentally deficient, idiot means uninterested in politics.

I wanted this blog to be political and shooting related. My schedule and little girl make me late to the party on most subjects. By the time I post about something, all the other websites' comment threads have gone dead. I'm honestly to the point where I feel it really doesn't make sense to post about stories covered elsewhere. If I was interested in local happenings and post about that, no one would care. If I don't care about the goings on in other places, why should my readers be concerned with my local or state politics? I did post twice about something important in my area and no one ever commented on them. No interest. It's only local, who in Ohio, or Florida wants to read it?

Then the question, Whither Ah, Shoot!?

To be clear, I've had good comments and commenters and a relative paucity of trollish comments. I have no complaints. I'm just not sure where to take this blog. Remain as it is and comment on what I see fit, or become exclusively gun related? The blog name seems to fit a gun related blog, but then again, it also fits if I take aim at targets I choose.

I know my posting has evolved since the beginning. I used to type posts as I thought of them. I didn't get that much of a response I thought, so I began to semi-Fisk articles and use technorati tags to try to build a readership. Unfortunately for my ego, it seems the stories I put a lot of time into were ignored. It's deflating to work for two hours on a post and never get a comment on it. I'm sure it happens to others too, but still.... I then tried shorter pieces, it seemed to work, then comments dropped off again. I spent some time commenting on other blogs and trying to add to my blogroll and it raised my ttlb ratings, but now, as of this morning, I'm down to twelve links. It appears some people have delinked me, or updated their blogrolls and left me off. Some people say it doesn't matter, but really it does. It would be a lie to say otherwise. I want to be heard the same as others who write. I don't delude myself into thinking I'm some great pundit who is being unjustly ignored by Acidman's "tall dogs." I want links to Insty and Michelle Malkin...well I want to link to, sorry dear, I don't really mean that...ouch! Please put away the frying pan! I believe I have at least some ability to write coherently, I'm not a great wordsmith by any means, but I'm not a hack either. It does hurt to see other, poorly written blogs ranked higher than mine. I know part of it is the subject matter. Being pro-gun isn't that easy. Also, I'm new to gun ownership. Kim Du Toit and the people who inhabit The Other Side Of Kim are leagues above me in knowledge and experience. I don't have much to add to any conversation about guns.

Of course, the most successful blogs are written by those who blog their specific field of knowledge. Instapundit, Eugene Volokh, and Hugh Hewitt. My field of work is of no importance. It doesn't affect anyone in any way outside of those who patronize the business. I've kept this blog relatively anonymous, although it should be apparent where the blog originates. I have to do this because the company demands you not bring any ill repute to it by associating it with your outside activities. That does violate my rights, but I have to accept it to keep working. Ask Kim Du Toit about that.

Whither Ah, Shoot!?

I don't know. Perhaps my remaining readers will give me a clue. I know to love writing you have to write about your interests, not others', but what use is it to write if you have no readers? Sure, skills are built that may help gain a readership later, but if no one reads you now, will you stick at it until someone reads you? And for how long? One month? Six months? A year...two? Hell, even Den Beste took time off. I'm tired of it sometimes. Checking out Little Green Footballs depresses me. How can people be so blind or cowardly? Sometimes I feel like writing but after reading my usual reads, I change my mind. What's the use of opining when there are those who won't listen, and people like History's Greatest Monster who seem to be on the other side. And my president won't do anything about him!

It makes me angry, and I really don't want to be angry. It's no secret this blog holds to conservative views. We are bombarded daily with Dean's screams, Jesse's jackassery, Al's Sharper than a serpent's tooth remarks and the political she Janus' shenanigans. The so-called mainstream media aids and abets this. They promote the sorry sight of the seahag at the President's ranch as if she's some kind of heroine. A major network airs a story concocted with fake documents and the anchor continues to deny their falsity. They skew polling data to get an outcome they like, they coddle Saddam and cover his atrocities for "access," they try to blame every bad thing on the president. That's why this blog refers to them as the Enemy Press. The Islamist enemy has a useful ally in the western media. And I don't like it. Either be fair, or announce your biases and be a party mouthpiece!

Whither Ah, Shoot!? You tell me....