Monday, April 24, 2006

Death Threats To Hispanic Politicos?

California Governor Schwartzenegger revealed that the state's Lt Governor and LA Mayor have received death threats since the large pro-illegal alien marches held in southern California, according to Fox News.

"Schwarzenegger told reporters about the threats against Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante during a news conference in his office Monday. Other elected officials of Mexican heritage have also received threats, Schwarzenegger said, but he did not name them. Bustamante spokesman Steve Green said the lieutenant governor appeared at some immigration rallies with Villaraigosa in March and received 'nasty e-mails' afterward. The death threat — 'The only good Mexican is a dead Mexican' — came about three weeks ago on a postcard, he said."

I guess we have to believe it as no one has ever faked racist threats against themselves before have they?

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