Monday, April 24, 2006

The Enemy Press: Insinuations And Assurances

The Enemy Press AP has an agenda, an anti-freedom and anti-American agenda. These charges have been laid before. What's the evidence their supporters say? Will we see them openly running stories that sap morale? Well, yes, we have. Will we see open statements hoping for a defeat in Iraq and elsewhere in the GWOT? Probably not, they aren't that stupid. A more insidious form of defeatism is easier to use and the effect is cumulative. Also, it's generally not seen by those less knowledgeable about press procedures.

What is the first thing a reader sees when he or she scans the daily paper? The headline of course. The headline is the hook that encourages the reader to look at the story. They are short and, if written well, indicate the gist of the story. They also reveal what the press wants you to think about the story.

Don't think there's a bias in headlines? Then you aren't paying attention. Case in point. Look at these two headlines: One from the Jackson Sun in Jackson Tennessee. "Prosecutors Play Purported Tape of Saddam." And the other from The Daily Astorian from Astoria Oregon. "Bin Laden says U.S. waging war on Islam." Notice anything about these headlines? You don't? Well, let's take a closer look.... "Prosecutors Play Purported Tape of Saddam" versus "Bin Laden says U.S. waging war on Islam." Do you see the adjective attached to the first headline that doesn't have a counterpart in the second headline? Of course you do, it just didn't register with you unless you're thinking about it. The Enemy Press AP declares that it's only a purported tape of Saddam while we are to accept that Osama's new tape is actually him.

We are to doubt that Saddam has done anything wrong, that it's possibly not him on the tape. "A voice said to be Saddam's...." Please notice in the link that this quote is from the Yahoo version of the story. Also from the Yahoo version of the Osama story: "Osama bin Laden issued new threats in an audiotape...." The Enemy Press tells us that Osama's tape is real, Saddam's is possibly fake, therefore the information is untrue. Clear enough for you? The Enemy Press AP is slanting the story to make you the reader believe that Saddam is not guilty of his crimes, while Bin Laden is a brave hero outwitting the US and constantly able to exhort his followers with impunity.

Doesn't that aid the Islamist enemy? Of course it does. Help Saddam escape punishment and keep the long dead Osama alive. These actions help the enemy and hinder the GWOT. Many enemy supporters will object. "It's only one paper, the headlines are locally written to fit the space." Not entirely correct. Many papers will edit the story for length, but the headline is the AP's headline and a seeing reader will notice the same headline no matter where this story is printed or posted. We can see this by going to the AP's main website. Pick a headline, any headline. Clicking on the link will take you to a local or national website for the story. Click your browser's back button and return to the main site, then click the headline again. What happens? You get the same story with the same headline, but from a different source! Still care to defend the bias of the Enemy Press?

Clearly and convincingly - for those willing to see - the Enemy Press biases are shown to the world. The headline is the same no matter where the story is accessed. Only those who support the enemy or refuse to believe the truth can still claim the Enemy Press AP is an unbiased news source. They have an agenda, one that's dangerous to freedom and America.

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