Monday, April 24, 2006

Enemy Press Network CNN Whitewashes Iran President

Crazy Iranian Thug-in-Chief Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made a bold statement yesterday about the legitimacy of Israel. "'We say that this fake regime [Israel] cannot ... logically continue to live,' he said, according to a translator for The Associated Press." Helpfully, Enemy Press Network CNN includes these remarks as well, "'We believe that Jews like any other human beings have the right to live in happiness and prosperity and to benefit from security,' he said, according to a CNN translator. 'Allow them to go back to their own fatherlands and countries.'" Uh, Mr President, where exactly do you think Jews came from? Perhaps you should read this book.

Of course the whole idea for printing this reasonable sounding text is to minimize the fact that the theocracy's madman has called for Israel's destruction. CNN and the rest of the Enemy Press doesn't want America and the West to pay attention to what the man is saying. They constantly call his ravings hyperbole. Nothing he says is proof to them that he means what he says. Let's ignore him, it's only rhetoric to combat the evil designs of that true religion imposing criminal, President Bush.

The truth of the matter is that Iran is quite possibly close to developing nuclear weapons. They constantly say what they will do once they become nuclear. Why should any sane person believe otherwise? Unfortunately we don't have a clear picture of the current status of their program. Perhaps we should ask the Russians?

At this point in time we have limited options. However, that doesn't stop anti-Americans in Congress from trying to cut our options further. "Rep. Jane Harman of California, the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, concurred that 'our intelligence is thin.' 'This is not a time to be saber rattling in our government, talking about the military option,' Harman told Fox. 'Just the fact that the Iranian government is making a lot of noise doesn't prove their capability. Remember, the Iraqi government made a lot of noise, and they had nothing.'" Same old lies from the America Hating Left. Sorry Rep Harman, but Iraq had WMD and used them on the Kurds. You and your ilk blocked and delayed action against the criminal Saddam regime and that allowed them time to remove their weapons.

The Enemy Press continues to lie in service to the enemy and that is creating danger to our troops abroad and creating defeatism at home. They are as dangerous as any so-called "insurgent" in Iraq.

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