Sunday, April 23, 2006

I Want My Money Back!!!

After the results of this election this blog calls for the immediate cessation of all federal aid directed to rebuilding the city of New Orleans. Enemy Press Reuters reported that current New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin lead the pack in the voting this weekend.

How on earth could the people of New Orleans be so stupid?! If the citizens of that city are determined to reinstall the incompetent government that did nothing to protect the city from the results of Hurricane Katrina, then they are not entitled to any government funds to rebuild. The only federal money that should be spent is by the army corps of engineers. If it is decided that port of New Orleans must be rebuilt, then the levees should be reconstructed and then all federal monies must cease.

Are the residents of the Crescent City so debased that they would reward incompetence and gross negligence? Apparently so. Why, then, should the American public be forced to subsidize what will inevitably become a new cesspool of crime and corruption? No, it must not be so. If next month's election results in the return of Mayor Nagin to office, the Congress should move to cut off all federal funding. Unfortunately they won't do it. New Orleans will rebuild and return to what it was. And America will be the poorer for it.

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